Reporting To You X



Let's smash!


Don't you miss 2007?

I literally can't wait to play Cookie Pocket.

"She tried to bankrupt me — my own wife!"

"You hear that? Sounds a whole lot like success."


"Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah?"

Things that you didn't need, but also REALLY NEED.


People still play these games, right?


Are you more Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson?


Good luck, movie buffs!

"Choo wagga choo choo!"


It's not all fun and games anymore.


Find out who you really are!

In the massively popular game Fortnite Battle Royale, you can choose to keep watching after you die — and begin to feel invested in the stranger who did you in.


Yo, I need a golf cart!

Never forget the bike music.


A student is acting up, and now you have to write a note.



Are you an anagram master?


Later days, dude.

Trust me and click.


Trust me... you won't get *board* of this quiz!

Years after leaving the PlayStation behind, I've found my way back into video games — or maybe they've found their way back to me.

Because there's only so many times you can play Cards Against Humanity.


How appropriate. You fight like a cow.


You're invited to a slumber party!


Are you ready?

You will find the f*cked up truth about your period in these mystical cards.


Because money is everything, right? ;)


Must. Resist. Dropping. Guests. In. The. Lake.

Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala!

It's gonna be a hard choice between going on a download spree or a day of productivity.

Grab your quarters — we're going to the arcade!

'Tis the season to have a lot of fun.


Got games?

Sometimes a really good gift transcends age.

Things you can stow away in your suitcase or bring through security in a carry-on!

Find something for your brother, sister, daughter, son, mom, dad, or first cousin twice removed.

"Staining Things."

These are what I call win-win gifts. 😏

These gifts are gonna make Wally World look like Disney World.

An electric griddle, a cedar-scented candle, a cutting board in the shape of your favorite state, and nineteen other products on Amazon that will solve all your holiday shopping quandaries.

♫ All I want for Christmas is *everything on this list* ♫

Nerdy is cool now.

In your face, Santa!!!

"OMG! Where did you get that?" —everyone to them

They'll find their own way to thank you.

Plus some puzzle-buying tips from me to you!

These products'll make you wish you were a Lannister... so you could buy them all and still pay your debts.

Watch out, these gifts will make kids so much smarter than you are.

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