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Game Battle

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2 (Game Battle)

You all loved the first one, so why not kill the rest of your afternoon on the sequel. Go on, you didn't have anything better to do today.

Mr Runner 2 (Game Battle)

You know the drill here - play this game; don't play Tanner's asinine game. Unless you hate having an awesome time, in which case, reverse the process. Whatever gets you through the day. [Protip: Play on "Low Quality" if the game gets jumpy on you.]

Budget Hero: (Educational) Game Battle

If you ever wanted to control where your tax dollars go, this is your chance. The folks over at NPR affiliate American Public Media created this game to let ordinary Americans balance (or attempt to balance) the budget. Want to bring the troops home immediately, increase clean energy research and add a public healthcare option? See what happens. Want to make the Bush-era tax cuts permanent, repeal Obamacare and eliminate federal education spending? Just try it and see what happens to the debt in 20 years. (Via)


Sushi Cat 2

The insanely fun sequel to the insanely fun game, Sushi Cat. I had to get this up before Jack or Scott had a chance to post it for Game Battle.

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