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Game Battle

300 Miles To Pigsland (Game Battle)

This is going to be the last Game Battle of 2011, friends. Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the good times we've had over the past year while we navigate these pigs to wherever the fuck it is that they're going.

Mr Runner 2 (Game Battle)

You know the drill here - play this game; don't play Tanner's asinine game. Unless you hate having an awesome time, in which case, reverse the process. Whatever gets you through the day. [Protip: Play on "Low Quality" if the game gets jumpy on you.]

Mega Miner (Game Battle)

Mine for gems, metals, and minerals. Upgrade your miner. Don't overheat or run out of fuel. This is a perfectly appropriate way for you to kill the last couple of hours of your Friday at work - and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Note: This game is vastly better than Tanner's stupid game. Posting games like that is one of the reasons that we fired him in the first place.)

Liftrauser [Game Battle]

I don't know if any of you noticed, but I work at BuzzFeed again, and with my return comes the return of everyone's favorite Friday front-page feature – GAME BATTLE! Welcome me back by helping me trounce Jack this week.

It's Like Gravity (Lame Battle)


Hambo (Game Battle)

You are a mercenary pig named Hambo (in this game).


Sugar, Sugar (Game Battle)

Here is a fun little physics game involving sugar. Use your skillz to get the sugar into the cup!

Excit (Game Battle)

You are stuck in a spreadsheet! (In this game.)

Rebuild (Sunday Game Battle)

If there is one thing this zombie city building game has taught me, it's that I'm a horrible leader.

Burrito Bison (Game Battle)

God, I love upgrade games like this. Never you mind about the plot. It doesn't make sense! Just hurl your bison at the gummi bears and buy upgrades from the shop. Glorious.

Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy (Game Battle)

On this day, the saddest Game Battle day in the history of Game Battles, let's put our troubles aside for a moment and save the motherfucking galaxy. Puzzles! Robots! You know what to do! Use your skillz to save the day!

Sushi Cat 2

The insanely fun sequel to the insanely fun game, Sushi Cat. I had to get this up before Jack or Scott had a chance to post it for Game Battle.

Canary (Game Battle)

Guide the canary through the space cave and cut your way through the rocks blocking your path.

Tealy And Orangey (Game Battle)

Get the things into the things. You should know how to do this stuff by now. It gets tricky though!

Fade (Game Battle)

For the purposes of this game, llamas only see color when they are traveling quickly. You may need to suspend your disbelief a little here.

The Fox And The Duck (Game Battle)

This is a really tough one. Your goal is to guide the duck (the red dot) out of the pond (the big circle) without letting the fox (the blue dot) catch it.

Agility (Wednesday Game Battle!)

Game Battle comes early this year! Use your skillz to get the thing into the thing in this attractive timing-based puzzler. Things start getting weird after Level 10. (Via.)

Infected [Game Battle]

Infected is a fun game that is similar to checkers. The big difference is that it's not boring like checkers.

Orbox B (Game Battle)

An exceptionally challenging Point-A to Point-B puzzler. In space, apparently.

Anbot (Game Battle)

Help the robot worker drone escape from the oppressive factory and, hopefully, form some sort of a union once he gets out.

Love (Game Battle)

You'll figure this awesome game out pretty quick. Post screenshots if you break 3,000 points.

Gravitee Wars [Game Battle]

Use gravity to blast your enemies into oblivion before fleeing to the other side of your tiny planet and avoid incoming missiles.

Corporate Climber (Game Battle)

You're the new guy at a big nameless corporation, and if you want to get anywhere in your career, you need to work your way to the top.

Lost Head (Game Battle)

A nifty little physics puzzler for your Friday afternoon.

Doooors (Game Battle)

A clever little puzzle platformer involving doors.

Murloc RPG (Game Battle)

Just because Blizzard won't let you play as a Murloc doesn't mean you can' long as you don't mind dubious copy-right infringement.

League Of Evil (Game Battle)

Your mission is to mercilessly destroy the entire League Of Evil by using your awesome retro-platformer gaming skillz.

Depict1 (Wednesday Game Battle)

A lot of people have been asking what a "Game Battle" is. In short: A Game Battle is a kind of battle, with games.

Hardball Frenzy 2 (Game Battle)

Mindless, physics-game fun. Shoot the balls into the balls to make the balls disappear.

Tower Of Heaven (Game Battle)

This game is HARD. But the music and style are awesome, and you should totally try and beat it, because you will enjoy it.

Achievement Unlocked 2 [Game Battle]

Everyone's favorite achievement-hunting little blue elephant is back, now with an even more insane amount of achievements to discover.

Deep Diver (Game Battle)

Take your cute little submarine captain into the deeps in search of buried treasure! But don't let him run out of Oxygen! Otherwise he will asphyxiate, which is an incredibly painful way to die.

Roly-Poly Cannon 3 [Game Battle]

Use your cannon to blow up all the dark-colored baddies while doing your best to keep the light-colored goodies out of harms way.

Epic Coaster (Game Battle)

Help the worst-designed roller coaster in history stay on its tracks. Up to jump.

Binary [Game Battle]

Help a blue collar computer tech solve a set of increasingly difficult puzzles to reset a pair of supercomputers that are orbiting one another.

Galaxy Jumper [Game Battle]

There is literally nothing on the Internet today. The Internet is a wasteland where hapless buzzminers like myself go to starve and eventually die.

Block Balance [Game Battle]

Eliminate the like-colored blocks, but be careful not to let your load become too unbalanced.

Kids Vs. Ice Cream [Game Battle]

A defender-style game with an upgrade system that will help keep those sticky-fingered brats off your bumper.

Kitten Cannon [Game Battle]

Make Fluffy bloody! The best thing you can hope for is that these kitties hit a pile of explosives. Anyone who has something bad to say about this game is just plain sick .

Crush The Castle 2 (Game Battle)

One way to think about this awesome game is that Scott and Tanner are represented by the effete, bourgeois fops hiding in their castle and you are wielding the righteous trebuchet of justice to punish them for their crimes against all that is decent and good.

Loved [Game Battle]

LISTEN UP, BUZZPOKES! We can't let that bastard Jack win Game Battle this week. Luckily, I found an awesome game for you all. Loved is a moody and stylish game that emphasizes story-telling over the gimmicky techniques that some nefarious editors rely on.

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