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Fyre Festival

"Parasite" Stretches The Limits Of Our Scammer Obsession

If the summer of scam hadn’t already ended, Bong Joon-ho’s new movie delivers it a fatal kick down the stairs. (Light spoilers ahead.)

The Viral “Storm Area 51” Event Got Canceled For Being A “Possible Humanitarian Disaster”

“We are not interested in, nor will we tolerate any involvement in a [Fyre Festival] 2.0,” the organizers said.

Andy King Begged Producers To Cut That Dick-Sucking Story From The Netflix Fyre Festival Doc

King says he was told, "Without that scene, there isn't a documentary." So he, um, took one for the team.

Si estás INTRIGADÍSIMO con todo lo del Fyre Festival, no te pierdas la presentación que lo inició todo

Si ya viste el documental de Netflix o el de Hulu entonces seguro quieres saber MÁS.

23 Fyre Festival Documentary Tweets That Are Tragic And True

"So was Fyre Festival basically just Krabby Land 2.0"?


Make A Festival Worse Than Fyre And We'll Reveal What Kind Of Influencer You Should Be

Things can get a lot more bleak than a bad cheese sandwich, folks.

17 Of The Funniest "I Too Was Hustled, Scammed, Bamboozled" Tweets

Ja Rule broke out the thesaurus and Twitter broke out the memes.

Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Was Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

Prosecutors had sought a sentence of 15–20 years, describing McFarland in their sentencing memorandum as "the consummate con artist."

The Fyre Festival Founder Is Claiming His Scams Were Caused By Mental Illness

But his partner, Ja Rule, maintains that the "idea was fucking beyond brilliant."

The Founder Of The Disastrous Fyre Festival Was Charged With Selling Sham Tickets To The Met Ball

Billy McFarland allegedly sold nearly $100,000 in bogus tickets to exclusive events such as Coachella, the Grammy Awards, and a dinner with LeBron James.

The Founder Of The Disastrous Fyre Festival Has Been Arrested And Charged With Fraud

Federal prosecutors accused Billy McFarland of promising a "'life-changing' music festival," when instead he delivered "a disaster."

Fyre Festival Founder Tells Employees They Won't Be Paid For The Disastrous Event

"We're not firing anybody, we're just letting you know there will be no payroll in the short term," Billy McFarland said.

The Fyre Festival Fiasco Shows How Insane The Festival Market Has Become

"You always have to be upping your game because the competition is so fierce."

The Man Behind Fyre Festival Comes With A List Of Expensive, Unfulfilled Promises

The college dropout from New Jersey has a knack for promising lavish and luxurious services aimed at rich and elite clientele, often falling short on what was pledged.

Fyre Festival Or Scene From Naked And Afraid?


People Are Dragging Ja Rule For The Tropical Shitshow That Is Fyre Festival

"When you go to Fyre Festival expecting Ja Rule, but it turns out to be Ashanti town."

People Are Tweeting Truly Amazing Jokes About The Horror At The Fyre Festival


Fyre Festival Descended Into Utter Chaos And The People Who Paid Serious Cash For It Are Livid

Ja Rule, who helped organize the festival, said the festival was not intended to be a scam, and that he’s working to refund guests’ money.

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