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Fwd Halp

The Ethics Of OkCupid Lurking

Sneak preview: There are none. Also, how to end a Facebook message thread with dignity.

The Rules Of Laughing In Text

Ha! Heh? Hmmm. Also: What happens when you run into an OkCupid human offline? And using your ex's HBO Go password.

How To Deal With A Gchat Pest

And how to be gentle with annoying family members on Facebook. Also: Twitter etiquette during a tragedy.

The Rules Of Group Texting

It's for sharing news and talking shit. That's it. Also: Twitter flirting (???) and online ex-avoidance.

Are There Special Rules For Dude Selfies?

No. But that doesn't mean you should take them! Also: How soon is too soon for Gchat? And when to discipline your dumb Facebook friends.

The Essential Guide To Digital Etiquette

Presenting the FWD IRL FAQ: quick links to your most pressing Internet- and phone-related concerns. And apparently you guys are REALLY WORRIED about Facebook.

Are You Are Using Email Incorrectly?

The right way to email people when you're inviting them to a party. Also what happens when your mom follows your on Twitter? (Besides PANIC.)

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