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What To Do When You Find Out You're The "Other Girl" Through Facebook

Or guy! Plus: liking your ex's Instagram photos, and dealing with a subtweeter.

The Ethics Of OkCupid Lurking

Sneak preview: There are none. Also, how to end a Facebook message thread with dignity.

How To Avoid Awkward Phone Catch-Ups

Plus: the ethics of Facebook tagging.

What Does It Mean To "Like" Your Own Facebook Status?

Depends: Are you terrible? Also: post-date Twitter rules, and untagging exes.

How Do I Correct My Friend's Horrible Twitter Etiquette?

Without seeming like a troll. Also: dealing with friends who say "LOL" out loud, and erasing a bad internet date.

The Rules Of Laughing In Text

Ha! Heh? Hmmm. Also: What happens when you run into an OkCupid human offline? And using your ex's HBO Go password.

How To Deal With A Gchat Pest

And how to be gentle with annoying family members on Facebook. Also: Twitter etiquette during a tragedy.

When To Crop Your Friends Out Of Photos

Plus: how to deal with Twitter pests. And the bizarre gender norms of OkCupid.

The Rules Of Group Texting

It's for sharing news and talking shit. That's it. Also: Twitter flirting (???) and online ex-avoidance.

Should You Delete Annoying Facebook Comments?

YES. Embrace your tyranny. Also: Who asks whom on a first Gchat date? And Facebook chatting old crushes.

When Is It Ok To Facebook Chat Someone?

Never. Also: dealing with Momstagramming, and the rules of Gchat invisibility.

Are There Special Rules For Dude Selfies?

No. But that doesn't mean you should take them! Also: How soon is too soon for Gchat? And when to discipline your dumb Facebook friends.

How Do I Hit On People On Twitter?

Stars. It's all about stars. Also: How many pictures can you post of your kids?

Why Does Everyone Make Fun Of My Hotmail Account?

Don't let the haters get you down. Unless you're just being lazy.

When To Facebook Message Your Ex Instead Of Calling

Well, if you're asking for a favor.

The Essential Guide To Digital Etiquette

Presenting the FWD IRL FAQ: quick links to your most pressing Internet- and phone-related concerns. And apparently you guys are REALLY WORRIED about Facebook.

Are You Are Using Email Incorrectly?

The right way to email people when you're inviting them to a party. Also what happens when your mom follows your on Twitter? (Besides PANIC.)

Can I Refriend My Ex On Facebook?

Noooooooooooooooo. NO. No.

What's The Most Graphic Movie Or TV Show You Can Watch On Your Phone In Public?

Now that you've got a smartphone or a tablet, you can watch anything, anywhere. But should you?

How Do I Deal With Inappropriate Texts From A Friend?

Plus: What to do about sycophantic Twitter followers.

How To Tell Persistent People To Never Text You Again

Because for some weird people, "I'm not interested" doesn't work.

Why Is Talking About Twitter So Awkward IRL?

There is seriously no good way to do it. None!

Why You Should Never Play The Phone Game

Because it's crap and you shouldn't take crap from anybody.

How To Not Answer Text Messages Like A Very Angry Person

It's harder than it seems, apparently?

How Many Photos In A Row Can You Post On Facebook Or Instagram?

You have to wait an hour between each post. AT LEAST.

Should You Follow Somebody You Date On Twitter?

What are the rules for polite, non-creepy sleuthing? (Hint: Don't do it.) Plus, how much political stuff you're allowed to blast on Facebook and Twitter.

How To Give Somebody Your Phone Number For Texting Only

Because phone calls are the worst. Also, the perils of disconnecting your ex's Netflix account.

How To Ditch An Internet Date And Not Be A Jerk

Because nobody really wants to go on internet dates. Also, the unlamest way to greet people in an email.

How Long Should I Message Somebody On OkCupid Before Going On A Date?

Ten messages. Precisely ten. Also, the correct way to introduce people over email.

Can You Just Show Up Wherever You See Your Friends On Foursquare?

Short answer: no. Long answer: no. Plus, how desperate do you look when you instantly respond to emails?

How To Handle Twitter #FollowFridays With Dignity

There's one simple rule: Don't #FF anybody with more than 10,000 followers. Also, how should you deal with the aftermath of a horrible drunk text you sent?

How Much Can You Divulge About Yourself Online Without Getting Fired?

Not very much. Plus, finding true love on Twitter.

How To Break Up With Somebody Over The Internet

Because sometimes there's no other way.

How To Handle An Internet Stalker IRL

Because sometimes, your internet stalker is a real person, made out of meat. And you have to talk to them.

How To Turn Down A Facebook Invite So That No One Cries

Should you decline it, or just ignore it? Plus, what to do about gross, cutesy couples on Instagram.

Is It Okay To Give Away My Old iPhone As A Present?

The ethics of slightly used gadgets as presents. Plus, what do you when you send someone a highly insulting text message they weren't meant to see?

What's The Right Way To Send A Mixtape In The Age Of Spotify?

Is a carefully crafted Spotify playlist acceptable? Or does it have to be on a CD? Plus, precisely how to tell if someone likes you with a Facebook friend request.

Why Do People "Like" Horrible Things On Facebook?

Is okay to freak out at my friends for sharing horrible, gross images to get me to donate money to a cause? Plus, iMessage read receipts: on or off with your crush?

Is It Okay To Force Your Friends To Follow You On Twitter?

Don't feel terrible if they don't. Here's what you should do instead. Plus, when leaving voicemails are not a dick move.

How Evil Can You Be About Somebody's Total Lie Of A Profile Photo?

Plus, how to not be creepy on Twitter. Welcome to FWD: Halp! a weekly advice column about using technology like a person.

FWD: Halp! How To Text A Person You Would Like To Make Out With

How long do you wait before responding to a text message from somebody you like? Eight minutes.

Do You Really Have To Tell Your Facebook Friends Happy Birthday?

FWD: Halp! is a weekly advice column on how to behave like a person when using technology, by Katie Heaney. (Ask her things!) This week: Facebook birthdays, Netflix passwords and how to talk to cute people on the internet.

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