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Fun With Photoshop


Three Levitating Chinese Government Officials

Levitation, powered by Chinese propaganda. If you look closely at the pixels of this picture, posted on a Chinese county government news site, you can see that there may have been some shenanigans. Add yours! Use the image overlay tool to put these awesome officials on a different background.

Family Crest Created By An 8-Year-Old

From a request by a Redditor: "Dear Reddit, my 8yo son drew this on a napkin. It's an electric bear, riding an electric shark, riding a lighting bolt. He says it's our family crest. Can someone with graphic design skills make this a legit crest?"

Birthers "Prove" Obama Photo Is Fake

Jack Cashill, Birther, and Fox & Friends favorite, "proves" that this photo is fake through the magic of Photoshop.

Kupcake Keanu

The very best of Kupcake Keanu. At this point, Keanu is just messing with us.


Prancing Cera: Best Of!

Yesterday, the Internet called with an emergency: Actor Michael Cera was photographed hilariously prancing next to some boats. As usual, you, the BuzzFeed Community, responded with devastating professionalism and presence of mind. Here are some of the very best of those responses. [BUT OUR WORK IS NOT DONE YET. The Internet demands more! Let's Photoshop Prancing Cera into oblivion: Add yours below.]

One Letter Off Movie Posters

The whole “One Letter Off” movie posters thing began with a Worth1000 post in 2006, and built up steam over the next few years to achieve full-on meme status. Here are 13 of the best (and there are tons more at Know Your Meme). Add your own in the comments!


Obama Wins Everything!

Following the surprise Obama Nobel Prize announcement this morning, ruling committees for pretty much everything have agreed that our President clearly deserves their highest honors.


Aretha's Hat: The True Story

The surprise appearance of an almost blindingly beautiful piece of headwear at the inauguration (specifically, on Aretha Franklin) has triggered a rash of speculation about the origins of this legendary artifact. With many thanks to BuzzFeed's users for their help, here are a few things that you may not have known about Aretha Franklin's wonderful hat:

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