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Fresh Starts

How A Sweat Lodge Cured My Crippling Anxiety

After a year of frightening panic attacks, the very thing that caused my anxiety would also cure it.

How A Monkey In A Toilet Helped Me Find God

My body started falling apart, then I lost my job. A red-faced rhesus macaque and a bout of dysentery helped me find my path.


Going Back To College Felt (Almost) As Hard As Fighting Cancer

I took a nine-month leave of absence and beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Returning to a world that didn't understand or even know about my illness was the next challenge.

How To Grieve For A Life That Never Began

My nephew was born dead the day after Christmas. Now I'm trying to allow myself to mourn — and love him.

Revisiting Resolutions, 10 Years Later

When I was almost 25, I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 35. Things haven't gone totally according to plan.

Babies Vary And Knitting Stretches

It was easy to forget that life can come into the world just as it leaves it. Making the baby sweater was a tangible reminder.

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