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Magneboy (Game Battle)

In the spirit of Bloxorz ("flash puzzle games that drive me mad"), I dare you to challenge your wits with (the much cuter) Magneboy.


Game Battle: Totem Destroyer 2

Unfortunately for Scott, I have definitely found the best game for today's game battle. Use your bombs to destroy all the blocks around the golden idol so it lands safely on the black landing block. Please also validate me by giving this post a heart. I urgently need hearts a) to win this game battle, and b) to feel better about myself as a person. Then take a minute to check out Scott's game and let him know you hate it (this is also for his own good). Now let's destroy some totems...

Open Doors

It's time for your Friday game, with a twist. I want more people to play this game than whatever whack-ass game Scott posts, if he gets around to it. In order to make this happen, I have chosen a truly excellent puzzler with fluid, intuitive gameplay and a simple concept: Get the square to the X. Enjoy.


A fun little puzzle game from NinjaKiwi that takes a page out of the "Lemmings" playbook. Try to rescue as many meeblings as you can by yelling different directions at them. Warning: they're super cute, so you may feel pretty guilty when you accidentally kill one.

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