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The Insane North Dakota Tornado Video You Have To See To Believe

On Monday, a rare EF-2 tornado in North Dakota was caught on video by a group of oil workers located just south of Watford City.

Reno Air Crash Footage From Four Perspectives

The death toll for Friday's air show in Reno is holding at nine. Officials say 69 people have been treated at local hospitals, including 36 who have been released and 31 who remain there. Nine were in critical condition as of Saturday evening. Our thoughts are with the families and friends involved in this tragic event.

Footage Of Huge South Korean Landslide

Record rainfall in South Korea has triggered massive flooding and deadly landslides. At least 53 people have been reported dead or missing in and around the capital city of Seoul. (via)

News Team Caught In Oklahoma Tornado

Stunning footage from a news team caught in one of the tornadoes near Oklahoma City. Power poles dance in midair as their vehicle is swept off the road. The crew from KFOR miraculously survived without injury. Others across the region weren't so lucky. This twister was one of more than 30 that struck Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas last night. At least 13 people are dead.

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