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Flint Water Crisis

Emily Sioma told BuzzFeed News she felt it was her personal duty to "leverage [her] privilege to be a voice for people from the state who feel they're forgotten about."

In Fahrenheit 11/9, filmmaker Michael Moore covers everything from the 2016 election to the Flint water crisis. He also compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“While oversight authority is vital, its absence can contribute to a catastrophic situation.”

After 15 families sued education agencies, the state of Michigan agreed to provide funding and services for kids with special education needs.

Too far?

A judge approved the settlement on Tuesday, two years after the city's water system was found to have dangerous levels of lead.

Congress passed funding to help Flint fix its water system, but the money falls short of state estimates of what's needed to solve the problem. Now, Democrats are calling on Michigan to step up, saying "the state did this to Flint."

It's been nearly a year since the White House declared a federal emergency over water contamination in Flint, Michigan. Now, a fight over drought relief in California is putting funding for the city in danger.

Gov. Rick Snyder on Thursday was also grilled by members of Congress, several of whom called on him to resign. "There you are, dripping with guilt," one congressman said.

"Coming out of the faucet, out of the shower — it looks like that?!?"

Protesters carried signs criticizing Donald Trump, calling for higher wages, and condemning officials for the water crisis in Flint.

Filmmakers Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernay, Grammy nominee Janelle Monae, Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams, comedian Hannibal Buress, and more will be a part of the event, which will coincidentally take place the same night as the Oscars.

The average annual water bill in the Michigan town was more than double the national average for public agencies, researchers found.

The number of lawsuits filed by residents and activists against officials over contaminated water in Flint continues to mount.

"Every day that goes by that these people – particularly children – that they are not tested [for poisoning] is a day lost in a child's life," Hillary Clinton said in the Democratic debate.

Preliminary results of testing by the Environmental Protection Agency showed water filters were removing virtually all lead from residents' taps.

Recently unsealed emails show that when a local health official flagged the connection, state environment agents called it “premature.”

Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality faced tough questions from Congress.

Slay, Laverne!

The warning came on the same day Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder insisted he was unaware that bottled water had been provided to state employees a full year before residents.

One state official referred to those voicing their concerns about lead levels in Flint's water supply as "the anti everything committee."

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