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15 façons de créer son propre masturbateur que personne n'avait envie d'envisager jusqu'ici

Vous ne verrez plus jamais des Pringles de la même façon.

18 Anleitungen für DIY-Fleshlights, nach denen niemand gefragt hat

Pringles-Dose + Latexhandschuh + Schwämme = grenzenlose Möglichkeiten

Here's The Most Popular Sex Toy In Your State

What's your state's ~sex toy personality~?

18 Trucos para masturbarte nivel dios

Lo que un hombre puede hacer con unos guantes de látex es magia, ¡MAGIA!

18 bizarre Sexspielzeuge, die dich echt etwas mitnehmen werden

Weil jeder wohl einen Hello-Kitty-Dildo braucht (NSFW übrigens).

23 Bizarre Sex Toys That’ll Confuse The Hell Out Of You

Because everyone needs an Obama dildo. [NSFW, obviously.]

18 More Ways To DIY A Fleshlight Than The World Ever Asked For

Pringles can + latex glove + sponges = endless possibilities.


There's A Sex Toy For Foot Fetishists Called The Vajankle

"These quirky feet have a vagina built right in at the ankle!" NSFW, obviously.

11 Sizzling Sex Toy Facts

Feel the good vibrations!

The Guardian Tweeted A Picture Of A Relief Worker's Fleshlight

Not sure it's an essential #humanitarian tool.

Extremely Questionable "Pencil Case"

Someone at Square Enix has a dirty mind. I defy you tell me you'd first assume this was for pencils.

The Least Worthwhile Pedantic Your/You're Correction

The winner goes to this guy, who corrects the Fleshlight (link NSFW) official Twitter account. Somewhere, a high school English teacher swells with pride, then jumps off a cliff.


Fleshlight Releases 4 Sex Toys That Feature Monster Vaginas

Fleshlight has released 4 special edition Halloween-themed toys. So in case you ever wondered what a zombie vagina looked like, now you can know. It's times like this that I think it's fair to say the Internet invented the "weird boner."

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