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Vous ne verrez plus jamais des Pringles de la même façon.

Pringles-Dose + Latexhandschuh + Schwämme = grenzenlose Möglichkeiten

What's your state's ~sex toy personality~?

Lo que un hombre puede hacer con unos guantes de látex es magia, ¡MAGIA!


Browsen auf eigenes Risiko.

You're welcum.

Weil jeder wohl einen Hello-Kitty-Dildo braucht (NSFW übrigens).

Because everyone needs an Obama dildo. [NSFW, obviously.]

"Does a man stick his wee-wee in there?"

Time to find out which gadgets are hot or not.

Pringles can + latex glove + sponges = endless possibilities.

Pretty sure this is the strangest video I've seen today.

"These quirky feet have a vagina built right in at the ankle!" NSFW, obviously.

Apparently sex toy companies mourn, too.

A very NSFW cautionary tale.

Feel the good vibrations!

The future is NOW! NSFW

Not sure it's an essential #humanitarian tool.

Don't tweet about it.

Someone at Square Enix has a dirty mind. I defy you tell me you'd first assume this was for pencils.

The winner goes to this guy, who corrects the Fleshlight (link NSFW) official Twitter account. Somewhere, a high school English teacher swells with pride, then jumps off a cliff.

Fleshlight has released 4 special edition Halloween-themed toys. So in case you ever wondered what a zombie vagina looked like, now you can know. It's times like this that I think it's fair to say the Internet invented the "weird boner."

Sure, having sex with a flashlight that sheaths a rubber vagina sounds like a great idea.

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