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Film Noir


16 Police Mugshots Of Forgotten Murderers, Gamblers And Drunks Found On eBay

Small Town Noir is the history of a small American town pieced together through the lives and crimes of its citizens.

Superhero Posters Get A Film Noir Makeover

Artist Marko Manev has done awesome work in the past, but he has created a new set of superhero illustrations called 'Superhero Noir'.

Batman Vs. Wolverine Film Noir

From French company Atomic Production comes Batman Deliverance, a Frank Miller/Sin City inspired take on an aging Batman who takes on his newest (and possible last) nemesis, Wolverine. This is probably a bit too “artsy” for superhero fans, and a little too “comicy” for Film Noir enthusiasts, but it's certainly worth a look. (Via)

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