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7 Photos Of Tiny People In A Gigantic Food World

Photographer Christopher Boffoli meticulously composes food landscapes with hand-painted miniature people. What if all food was this big?!

Tattooed Hipster Barbie

The new tokidoki hipster Barbie, on sale now for $50, has pink hair, a heart and crossbones shirt and leopard print pants. She's also got a chest tattoo.

Retro Star Wars Figurines

Inspired by Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and '40s serials, Sillof's Workshop designed this series it calls 'Serial Wars'. See their other customized styles here.


Two Of A Kind Figurines

Andrew Kolb's little wooden Two of a Kind figures are great pieces of art depicting the common Fat/Skinny dynamic found in pop culture. (via The Uniblog)

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