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Alexander Chee On The Groundbreaking 1937 Novel That "Changed Something" In Him

There is a seismic line to draw in Asian American fiction that begins with Younghill Kang and extends, in a series of autobiographical novels by Asian American writers, into the present.

Alexander Chee • 11 hours ago

10 Books That Actually Capture The World Of Washington, DC

The fiction and nonfiction titles that offer insight into how DC works — from K Street to Congress.

18 Young Adult Novels That Weren't So PG After All

TBH, our library cards got us wayyyy more than we bargained for.

Climate Change Fiction Is Rethinking The Ecoterrorist

We don't need to be on board with the extreme actions of characters in First Reformed and The Overstory to feel some empathy for the desperation that drives them.

What Young Adult Book Led To Your Sexual Awakening?

And my mom thought those books were PG.

Which Fictional Women From Books Are Your Favorite?

Complex female characters or bust.

Elizabeth McCracken's "Bowlaway" Is BuzzFeed Book Club's April Pick. Here's The First Chapter.

A mysterious woman is found unconscious in a cemetery — next to a bag containing one corset, one bowling ball, one candlepin, and 15 pounds of gold.

Elizabeth McCracken’s Weird Fiction Breathes Life Into Old Tropes

“I think all writers have this Platonic ideal of the book they’re going to write next, and then you realize that you’re hamstringed by your own obsessions.”

"The Water Cure" Is BuzzFeed Book Club's March Read. Check Out An Excerpt Here.

Read the dream-like dystopian novel along with BuzzFeed community's most avid readers.


Here Are The 2018 National Book Award Winners

The winners were revealed at the 69th National Book Awards ceremony.

18 Tweets That Prove The "A Little Life" Book Will Emotionally Destroy You

"Is there A Little Life support group out there? Hanya Yanagihara has broke me."

Tana French’s New Thriller Looks At What Happens When White Men Lose Their Privilege

The Witch Elm, which follows a privileged man whose life gets derailed, is a timely window into what happens when men lose their precious power.

Linda Liang Is 71 Years Old, Divorced, And Getting Back In The Dating Game

An early preview of Kathy Wang’s debut novel, Family Trust, the first selection in the BuzzFeed Book Club.


Answer 9 Questions And We’ll Give You 9 New Books To Read

With so many great books coming out, it can be almost impossible to choose.

17 Fictional Designs That We Really Need In In Our Lives

All these things would just make life so much easier.


Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams And We'll Give You Some Book Recommendations

Wedding planning is hard. Choosing a book for the honeymoon shouldn't be.

How Do You Mourn A Husband You Never Really Knew?

In the months before his death, Clare's husband’s secret self started coming out into the open; she could only assume it had been waiting inside him all along. (An excerpt from The Third Hotel.)

Falling For A Woman While She's Falling For A Cult

An excerpt from R.O. Kwon's debut novel The Incendiaries.

Self-Destruction Beats Self-Help In Two Of The Most Exciting Books Of The Year

In The Pisces and My Year of Rest and Relaxation, self-destruction is a welcome respite from the self-improvement industrial complex.

Being The Only Queer Woman At A Very Straight Wedding

A short story from How To Love a Jamaican by Alexia Arthurs.

This 60-Year-Old Novel About Sexual Harassment Was Ahead Of Its Time

Rona Jaffe’s The Best of Everything outlined the dynamics and the costs of sexual harassment, decades before anyone talked openly about it.

Everything About John's New Boyfriend Is Perfect – Except He Has A Wife

A short story called "Just Friends" from Neel Patel's If You See Me, Don't Say Hi.

Fiction By Roxane Gay: Two Women Who Have To Hide Their Love

In the story ‘Of Ghosts and Shadows’ by Roxane Gay, two women defy their Haitian hometown by unapologetically loving each other — even if they have to keep that love hidden.

How Can You Trust Anyone When You're An Undercover Spy?

In this excerpt from Who Is Vera Kelly? a CIA operative meets her target's girlfriend — and she suspects she knows more than she's letting on.

Fatima Farheen Mirza's "A Place For Us" Is In The Running To Be New York City’s Summer Book. Read An Excerpt Here

"The eldest Ali boy looks over at the picnic table. At her. She looks away."

These New Novels Face The Complicated Reality Of Mental Illness

Fiction has long had a history of using mental illness as a plot device or symbolism, but some recent novels are depicting mental illness in refreshingly nuanced ways.


What If You Could Take Memories Out Of Your Mind?

In this excerpt from Mem, memories exist as vacant clones, removed from the people who no longer want them — but Dolores Extract #1 wants a life of her own.

This Is What It’s Like To Be A Classical Musician

In an excerpt from Aja Gabel's novel The Ensemble, Jana is trying to lead her quartet to greatness — but a much older famous violinist might be getting in the way.

This Is What It's Like When Your Baby Doesn't Look Like You

In Rumaan Alam's new novel That Kind of Mother, a white woman adopts her black nanny's baby in the aftermath of tragedy. Read an excerpt here.

Is It Possible To Find Love If You're Addicted To Attention?

"No one really wanted satiety. It was the prospect of satiety—the excitement around the notion that we could ever be satisfied—that kept us going." An excerpt from Melissa Broder's new novel, The Pisces.


What Fictional Magic School Do You Belong In?

Move over, Sorting Hat, we got this.

Here Are The 2018 Pulitzer Prize Winners For Letters And Drama

Andrew Sean Greer won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for Less; Martyna Majok's Cost of Living took home the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Is It Possible To Write A Short Story Free From The White Gaze?

"Why would you want to tell this story about a bunch of black Southern guys discovering bread anyway? What purpose does it serve unless it’s to show yourself as somehow better than them?" An excerpt from Nafissa Thompson-Spires' short story collection Heads of the Colored People.

If Male Characters Were Written Like Female Ones, This Is How Weird It Would Look

"Stepping out, his bag grazed the fabric, which was against his nipples, which were very nipple-y."

This Story About A Bridal Shower Will Make You Want To Never Get Married

"Mason jars. Chalk menus. Social media tie-ins. I’m probably speaking another language to you, right!?" An excerpt from Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss's novel Hey Ladies!: The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails.


This Quiz Will Reveal The Book That Speaks To Your Soul

Here's what you should read (or reread) next.

What Do You Do When You Run Into That One Ex?

When young artist Andrea Morales runs into her ex-girlfriend at a music show, she witnesses the unthinkable. (An excerpt from Chelsey Johnson's novel Stray City.)

If A Magic Fish Says Your Friend Sucks, You Should Probably Listen

A fisherman finds a magic flounder and turns to a friend for advice in this excerpt from Mallory Ortberg's short story collection The Merry Spinster.


Only A True Book Lover Will Get 10/13 On This Quiz

Put your literary knowledge to the test!

What Happens To A Family When Its Larger-Than-Life Patriarch Dies?

"If he was anything, Big Angel was the father and patriarch of the entire clan. And, by the way (bi de guey), the de La Cruz family has been around here since before your grandparents were even born." (An excerpt from Luís Alberto Urrea's novel The House of Broken Angels)

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