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    The Best Feherty-isms

    If David Feherty were a philosopher, he’d be a pretty damn good one. Here’s some of his best advice and takes on life over the years. To hear even more of Feherty’s witticisms—not to mention awesome interviews with the best golfers in the sport—check out Feherty, Mondays at 10PM on Golf Channel.

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    The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Golfers

    Golfing isn’t easy, but a lot of celebrities seem to think that it is. Or, at least, because they’re celebrities, they can certainly do it. What they should take away from this post, though, is that they need to take a few pointers from Hank Haney on The Haney Project, Mondays at 9PM on Golf Channel.

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    The Craziest Golf Courses In The World

    You might think the local country club is tough on a hangover, but some of these courses could get you killed. Very few golfers could pull off par on them, but almost certainly, David Feherty could. Now that he’s taking time off the course and onto the couch, check out Feherty, Mondays at 10PM ET on Golf Channel.