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Celebrities If They Were Fat

Ever wonder what your favorite star would look like if they stopped visiting the gym and starting eating double downs for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, wonder no more. (Via)

The United States Of Obesity

Mississippi officially takes the crown as the most well-fed state of 2010. But in actuality, we’re all winners!

The Definitive Collection Of Fat Frogs

I accidentally stumbled upon these porkers while Googling "cat frog." Fat frogs are way better.

Countries That Eat To Their Hearts' Content

We may not be the most well-endowed country, but at least we’re the most well fed.

Spock Hates Fatties

Obesity is illogical, Captain.


20 Obese Animals

Although there's more to love, a diet should probably be on the agenda!

Pants Waistline Vs. Actual Waistline

Hey fellas, just wanted to let you know that you're (secretly) fat too!

Fat Guy Shirts

Fat Guy Shirts encourage big folks to applaud the threat of diabetes with funny tee-shirts.

Fat Batman Dance

Unless you're Dom DeLuise (R.I.P.), using your enormous belly as a means of getting laughs is cheap, gross, and - ultimately - hypnotic, especially if you're dressed as Batman.

"This Is Why You're Fat" Book Deal

Well, they did it. Coming soon to a Borders near you...This Is Why You're Fat the book.


Tyra Banks covers "squashing," a sexual fetish where men enjoy the feeling of obese women bouncing or sitting on top of them.

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