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Fast And Furious

The Biggest Winners And Losers In Movies In 2017 So Far

After a breakneck start to the year, Hollywood has backslid into one of the worst summer slumps in its history. Here are the actors, filmmakers, studios, and franchises that have reason to celebrate, and the ones that really, really, really can’t wait for 2017 to be over.

"Furious 7" Is A Global Box Office Phenomenon

With an estimated $143.6 million debut in the U.S. and $384 million worldwide, Furious 7 shatters all box office records for the 14-year-old franchise — thanks in part to its massive popularity with Latino audiences.

The Daunting Task Of Making “Furious 7” Without Paul Walker

It wasn't enough that director James Wan had to mourn the death of one of his film's biggest stars halfway through filming — he also had to find the strength to finish the movie and then figure out how to do it.

"Fast And Furious" Star Paul Walker Dies In Car Crash

Paul Walker's team has confirmed that the 40-year-old and another person died in the California crash. Walker had attended a charity event to raise money for relief efforts in the Philippines.

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