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Instagram's Opioid Recovery Hashtags Are Full Of Drug Dealers

“Oxys, Roxy, Xans, Addy, codeine, perc...Available 24.7 for delivery.”

Facebook Really, Really Wants To Open A Portal Inside Your House

Facebook’s second-generation Portal, announced today, is more affordable than last year’s device. There’s also a new product built just for TV.

Doctors Say Facebook’s Decision To Take Down An Anti-Abortion Fact-Check Sets A Dangerous Precedent

“It is very concerning that a letter from a group of senators can silence the voices of medical and scientific experts,” said a doctor who fact-checked the video.

Facebook Took Down A Fact-Check Of An Anti-Abortion Video After Republicans Complained

The fact-check was conducted by three doctors who determined an anti-abortion activist's claim that "abortion is never medically necessary" was false.

A YouTuber Was Arrested While Trying To Enter Area 51 After The Viral Event Was Canceled

The men said they saw multiple "No Trespassing" signs, but they "wanted to see the facility."

Private Instagram Posts Aren’t Exactly Private

A shockingly simple work-around allows your followers to share private photos and videos posted to both Facebook and Instagram.

Period Tracker Apps Used By Millions Of Women Are Sharing Incredibly Sensitive Data With Facebook

Data including when women last had sex was sent to Facebook and other third-party services, according to new research shared exclusively with BuzzFeed News.

A Top Facebook Executive Is Stepping Down After A Decade At The Company

Richard Allan has been a lobbyist and spokesperson for Facebook since 2009.

Volunteers Are Using Boats And Planes To Swarm The Hurricane-Ravaged Bahamas: "We Need Absolutely Everything"

"People have no way to communicate, no information, no food, no water, they barely have gasoline to get around."

Companies Are Selling A Date Rape Drug As A Cleaning Product On Facebook

Exclusive: Websites selling GBL are offering “cash on delivery” payment options, untraceable transactions, and the destruction of shipping details after purchase.

Facebook’s Dating App Is Launching In The US. Here’s How It Works.

And no, it won’t match you with your preexisting Facebook friends.

Think Trump Can’t Win In 2020? These Bikers Want To Change That.

In the chaos of the 2016 election, Chris Cox forged a political machine out of an unlikely demographic — one that helped Trump reach the White House and is determined to keep him there.


These “Canadian” Websites And Facebook Pages Are Actually Run From Overseas

Some of the websites use fake profile photos for their writers, while others spread false information.

Opinion: With This Statement, I Give Notice That Instagram Owns Your Soul

People posting a pseudo-legal declaration may believe they're in a two-way dialogue with the company. The opposite is true.

Facebook Said It Would Give Detailed Data To Academics. They’re Still Waiting.

“I think the only way to feel reasonably confident about this project is if you ignore what’s happened over the past 16 months.”

You Can Finally See All Of The Info Facebook Collected About You From Other Websites

Users will now be able to see the reach of Facebook’s tracking outside of the social network through a new tool called “Off-Facebook Activity,” which Mark Zuckerberg announced as "Clear History" more than a year ago.

Thousands Of Accounts Linked To The Chinese Government Have Been Kicked Off Of Social Media

The decision to pull the accounts comes after BuzzFeed News and other outlets reported that Chinese state-run media outlets were running ads about Hong Kong on Facebook and Twitter.

Have You Seen These Ads About Hong Kong's Protests? China Certainly Hopes You Have.

As the Hong Kong protests continue, Chinese state media outlets are hoping paid ads on Facebook and Twitter will shift the narrative online.

Jeremy Corbyn Is The Social Media King That Boris Johnson Has Yet To Match

Boris Johnson has a long way to go to match the size and engagement of his rival’s online support base, a new analysis for BuzzFeed News reveals.

The Husband Of An El Paso Victim Got An Overwhelming Response After Inviting "Everyone" To Attend His Wife's Funeral

"She was my world," Antonio Basco said. Learning that so many people want to come and honor her, he added, "makes me feel wonderful."

Humans Have Always Been Listening To Your Voice Recordings. Why Don’t Tech Companies Just Tell Us That?

Recent revelations could finally force tech giants to explain how they use our data.

Facebook Is Getting Rid Of The Option To Make Groups "Secret" Or "Closed"

Instead, users will have two options: public or private.

Lady Gaga's Powerful Message To Survivors Of The Recent Mass Shootings Has Me Teary-Eyed

"If you’re struggling, please be brave and tell a trusted someone."

17 Embarrassing Facebook Statuses We All Made In The '00s

If you weren't in a complicated relationship at some point, did you even have Facebook?

The Philippines Was A Test Of Facebook’s New Approach To Countering Disinformation. Things Got Worse.

Disinformation campaigns in the Philippines ahead of its 2016 election offered a preview of things to come to the United States. History may be repeating itself in 2020.

Victims Of Mass Shootings Have Struggled To Hold Larger Forces Responsible In Court After An Attack

While victims of international terrorism can hold terrorist groups accountable in court, the legal path is less clear in cases of domestic terrorism.

WhatsApp Is Fighting To Keep Millions Of Users Untraceable

WhatsApp is “a space for private conversations online.” An Indian court could make it public.

WhatsApp Is Now Letting Users Know When A Message Has Been Forwarded Too Many Times

The new feature is part of WhatsApp's efforts to curb how misinformation spreads on its platform.

Opinion: To Save Journalism, Break Up Silicon Valley

Donald Trump makes no secret of his hatred for journalists, but his administration's investigation into the power of Big Tech is long overdue.

A Christian Satire Site Says Fact-Checkers Are Helping Facebook De-Platform Conservatives

“By lumping us in with fake news and questioning whether we really qualify as satire, Snopes appears to be actively engaged in an effort to discredit and deplatform us.”

Opinion: Silicon Valley Is Giving Big Bucks To Mayor Pete

His persona fits neatly with Silicon Valley’s own political identity: outwardly progressive, but without much evident anger at the new American oligarchy.

Baby Boomers Can’t Stop Sharing Photos Of Their Grandkids. Millennial Parents Aren’t Happy.

Parents who choose not to post photos of their kids on social media struggle when Facebook-happy older relatives break the rules.

The Man Who Built The Retweet: “We Handed A Loaded Weapon To 4-Year-Olds”

The button that ruined the internet — and how to fix it.

Two Louisiana Police Officers Were Fired Over A Facebook Post Suggesting AOC Should Be Shot

"this vile idiot needs a round....and I don't mean the kind she used to serve," an officer wrote on Facebook about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This Wedding Party Got Photobombed By "Scooter Girl" And They Loved Every Second Of It

After the shoot, the photographer went on a hunt to find the amazing photobomber.

Facebook Will Now Show You How To Opt Out Of Targeted Ads

The new tool tells you how an ad was targeted and which third-party agency or data broker was used. It also links to pages to opt out.

These Tech Companies Are Giving Millions To Politicians Who Vote Against LGBTQ People

A group of 30 advocates sent a letter Wednesday to dozens of companies, including Amazon and Google, calling on them to stop giving money to politicians who discriminate.

10 Hilarious Tweets About Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp Not Working

"Ppl coming to twitter realizing their WiFi is not broke, it’s just the same old Instagram crap."

Facebook And Instagram Are Showing People Strange AI-Generated Descriptions Of Their Photos

"Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup and indoor."


Facebook Failed To Delete 93% Of Posts Containing Speech Violating Its Own Rules In India

A yearlong study concluded that Facebook had made little progress in moderating non-English-language content in India, the company’s largest market by users.

Facebook Turned Off Search Features Used To Catch War Criminals, Child Predators, And Other Bad Actors

The changes by Facebook are “a potential disaster for the human rights and war crimes community.”

Not Your Daddy’s Regulation: Tech Giants Face A Complicated Reckoning In Washington

Old rules and moving targets create new challenges for regulators and Congress.

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