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Large Explosion Hits Texas Chemical Plant

The explosion occurred about 40 miles north of Houston, sending a large plume of black smoke into the air. No one is believed to have been in the plant when the explosion occurred, officials said.

Massive Blasts Rock Chinese City, Killing At Least 112 People

Pictures shared online and by state media show a gigantic fireball and huge explosions rocking the northeastern city of Tianjin. Officials said at least 112 people had died, while more than 500 have been hospitalized.

Train Derails In West Virginia, Sparking Massive Fire

A train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded near Charleston, destroying one home and contaminating local water supply. One person was treated for possible respiratory problems.

Fatal Blast At Religious Ceremony Rocks Yemen

The explosion, set off by a suicide bomber, came at a cultural center in Ibb and targeted Shiite rebels, according to media reports.

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