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9 Rocket Scientist Fails That Will Make You Feel Like A Winner

They might be rocket scientists, but they had some pretty epic fails.

World Powers Unite In Condemnation Of North Korea's H-Bomb Test Claim

The isolated Asian nation called the nuclear test a "world-startling event," but the White House said an initial assessment was "inconsistent" with a hydrogen blast.

Man Dies Trying To Blow Up A Condom Vending Machine

The vandal was killed by a piece of metal that was blown off of the machine.

Elderly Woman Rescued From Rubble After Entire House Collapses In Explosion

The woman was trapped for two hours after the property was flattened.

Gas Explosion In Nigeria Reportedly Kills At Least 100 People On Christmas Eve

The facility was crowded with those seeking to refill their gas cooking canisters, one witness said.

Woman Killed, Another Injured After Explosion At An Airport In Istanbul

The cause of the explosion at Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Turkey has yet to be discovered.

Explosion At Pakistan Market Kills 15, Leaves 50 Wounded

The bomb went off in Parachinar, a town in the country's northwest tribal region, as crowds of people visited a weekly market Sunday.

Facebook Activates Safety Check After Bombing In Nigeria Kills 32

The city of Yola, where the blast occurred, has previously been the target of attacks by extremist group Boko Haram.

Incredible New Photos Show Moment NASA Rocket Exploded On Liftoff

The unmanned rocket exploded shortly after takeoff in October in Virginia on its way to the International Space Station, resulting in incredible images released by NASA this week.

Death Toll From Romanian Nightclub Explosion Climbs To 29

A late-night fire and subsequent stampede at a club in Bucharest on Friday killed dozens and injured at least 180 people.

At Least Seven Reportedly Killed In Series Of Explosions In China

The blasts occurred at 17 different locations including shopping malls, a government building, a bus station, a hospital, and a prison, according to state media.

Yemen Mosque Blasts Kill Dozens During Eid Prayers

Two suspected suicide bombers launched the attack in the capital, Sanaa, during Eid-Al-Adha prayers.

More Than 80 Killed In Restaurant Explosion In India

A cooking gas cylinder blew up in the central Indian town of Petlawad.

Three Americans Among At Least 12 Killed In Afghan Car Bombing

The three dead Americans worked as civilian contractors for the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan. At least nine Afghan civilians also lost their lives in the attack.

Chinese Authorities Are Using Bunnies To Prove The Tianjin Blast Site Is Safe

Netizens are less than happy about the fluffy test subjects, though, with one saying government officials should take their place.

L'histoire de la photo la plus partagée après l'attentat de Bangkok

«C'était un moyen d'exprimer ce torrent d'émotions que j'avais en moi», explique à BuzzFeed France la Thaïlandaise qui a créé cette photo partagée des dizaines de milliers de fois.

Thai Police Find More Bomb-Making Materials, Issue 2 More Arrest Warrants

On Monday, Thai police announced they found more bomb-making materials in a second apartment, after finding other evidence on Saturday and making the first arrest in Bangkok's deadly blast that left 20 people dead.

Residents Demand Compensation For Tianjin Blasts As Death Count Rises

The death toll from the Tianjin tragedy has jumped to at least 114. But 70 people remain unaccounted for, including 64 firefighters.

Large Explosion Hits Texas Chemical Plant

The explosion occurred about 40 miles north of Houston, sending a large plume of black smoke into the air. No one is believed to have been in the plant when the explosion occurred, officials said.

Haunting Photos Of Desolation And Devastation The Day After The Tianjin Explosions

A massive series of explosions rocked the city of Tianjin, China, on Wednesday night, killing at least 50 and injuring hundreds. Local media reported that the blasts came from a warehouse storing “dangerous cargo.” All of the following images are from the Thursday morning after the disaster.

Massive Blasts Rock Chinese City, Killing At Least 112 People

Pictures shared online and by state media show a gigantic fireball and huge explosions rocking the northeastern city of Tianjin. Officials said at least 112 people had died, while more than 500 have been hospitalized.

Explosion On Rhode Island Beach That Injured One Wasn't A Malicious Event, Authorities Say

Officials originally investigated the incident as suspicious, but now say they don't believe there is any threat to public safety.

Massive Gas Explosion Injures More Than A Dozen People In California

The gas line explosion happened Friday afternoon in Fresno, injuring 13 inmates and one sheriff's deputy.

One Dead, More Than 100 Injured In Kenya University Stampede

One Kenyan student has died and more than 100 were injured in a massive stampede at the University of Nairobi on Sunday.

13 Epic Lab Fails That Make You Glad You Majored In English

"Congratulations! You hit the sperm sack!"

What The Manhattan Explosion Reveals About The Dangerous History Of Old New York Buildings

Last week, three buildings in the East Village collapsed after an explosion likely caused by a gas leak. As the dust settled, BuzzFeed News took a look at the neighborhood's history and how the aging masonry of the buildings has made for potentially dangerous living conditions.

Here Are The Most Incredible Photos Of The Lower Manhattan Explosion

A gas leak likely caused an explosion at an East Village restaurant on Thursday, sparking a massive fire and leading to the partial collapse of two buildings.

District Attorney Opens Criminal Investigation Into Exploded New York Building

Two people died in the blast and fire. Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance opened a criminal investigation into the circumstances.

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Science Lab Mishap?

BuzzFeed in no way endorses reckless lab behavior. Let us learn from your mistakes.

At Least Two Killed As Bomb Targets Ukrainian Revolution Parade

Footage from the scene shows people scrambling to run away from the explosion in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city.

Train Derails In West Virginia, Sparking Massive Fire

A train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded near Charleston, destroying one home and contaminating local water supply. One person was treated for possible respiratory problems.

These 15 GIFs Prove Science Is More Amazing Than Fiction

Warning: Don't try some of these things at home.

At Least 49 People Dead In Pakistan Mosque Explosion

The explosion went off at a Shiite mosque in southern Pakistan as worshippers gathered for Friday afternoon prayer, officials said.

Authorities Release Sketch Of Suspect In Bombing Near NAACP Building In Colorado

Federal authorities are offering $10,000 to anyone with information leading to the capture of the suspect.

Man Arrested In Explosion Near Colorado NAACP Office Was Allegedly Targeting Accountant

Thaddeus Murphy, 44, has been arrested for the January incident. Authorities believe he was attacking an accountant over a tax records dispute, not the NAACP.

Explosion At Fireworks Factory Knocks Cameraman Off His Feet

The explosion in Colombia Sunday left two people with minor injuries and 17 homes damaged.

Fatal Blast At Religious Ceremony Rocks Yemen

The explosion, set off by a suicide bomber, came at a cultural center in Ibb and targeted Shiite rebels, according to media reports.

17 Of The Most Amazing, Inspiring, And Terrifying News Vines From 2014

A NASA rocket explodes during liftoff. Apple and U2 touch fingers. A home explodes on live television. Here are some of the most memorable BuzzFeed News Vines from 2014.

CEO In Charge Of West Viriginia Mine That Killed 29 People Could Get 31 Years In Prison

Don Blankenship is facing conspiracy charges for his role in the worst U.S. mining disaster in 40 years.

NASA Rocket Explodes During Liftoff In Virginia

The unmanned Antares rocket exploded Tuesday evening during liftoff from Wallops Island in Virginia. There were no casualties or injuries, NASA said.

3 Ways To Scare Your Friends

Turn some tricks.

4 Watermelon Tricks You Need To Try

Watermelon smoothies?!

13 Thoughts To Nuke Your Brain

Prepare yourself for a fact blitzkrieg!

SpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test Flight In Texas

The F9R test vehicle was launched Friday from the company's facility in McGregor, Texas.

These 10 Explosions Done In The Name Of Science Will Blow Your Mind

Blowing things up…now in gorgeous slow mo!

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