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A Flightless, Chicken-Sized Bird Keeps Re-Evolving Into Existence Because It DGAF

"We know of no other example in rails, or of birds in general, that demonstrates this phenomenon so evidently."

Scientists Have Discovered Cave Paintings With Sophisticated Symbolism Made By Neanderthals

“The wider significance of our research is to finally put to bed the sense that Neanderthals were very different from us,” one of the researchers said.

The Evolution Of Language Involves A Lot Of Random Shit, Says This Study

But we may have started saying "dove" instead of "dived" because of the rise of the car, so there's that.

What Percent Banana Are You?

It's probably more than you think.

So The Evolution Of Wonder Woman Over The Last 70 Years Is Pretty Surprising

"Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. you're a wonder, Wonder Woman."


The Underappreciated Movie Moments You Probably Missed This Month

Including one that inspired Beyoncé, a stealth Wes Anderson release, and a super-stylized story of a witch in search of love.

11 preuves que les artistes emo sont devenus hipsters

Oubliez le maquillage... Voilà leur look ~authentique~.


Which Eevee Evolution Are You?

Why search for a stone when you can take a quiz?

Someone Figured Out How To Choose Your Eevee's Evolution In Pokémon Go

Waiting on a Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon? This trick might work for you.

Cette chouette vidéo montre l'évolution des manettes de jeux

Qui se souvient de la manette Wu-Tang?!

En images: les Halles de 1860 à aujourd'hui

La nouvelle «Canopée» des Halles, à Paris, est inaugurée mardi. Retour en images sur l'histoire du «ventre de Paris».

Ces trucs de notre enfance qui sont en fait super bizarres

À commencer par les couilles de mammouth.

17 Food Questions You Didn't Know You Needed An Answer To

"BuzzFeed Science still considers eggs to be un-un-boilable at this moment."

Ces animaux qui prouvent que l'évolution a déconné

L'évolution, il faut qu'on cause.


The Hardest Biology Quiz You Will Take Today

This quiz is endoplasmic ridiculous!

Voici à quel point le climat sur Terre s'est réchauffé

2015 a été l'année la plus chaude jamais enregistrée depuis le début des mesures en 1880.

Literally Just 17 Awesome Science GIFs

Behold the splendor of science!

5 Ridiculous Things Science Claimed About Bearded Men In 2015

Beards were a hot "science" topic in 2015, but calling these stories scientific is stretch.

Watch The Evolution Of Man's Face Over 6 Million Years In Just Over A Minute

A journey from our most primitive ancestor all the way to modern Europeans.

Here's What It Would Look Like If We Domesticated Animals Other Than Dogs

Humans took a wolf-ancestor and turned it into all the dogs we know today. What would happen if we went full dog on some other animals?


21 Facts You Didn't Know You Needed To Hear

Here are some things you don't hear every day...

22 Things That Will Teach You Earth's Entire History In One Day

Grab a nice, warm drink, and curl up with a fluffy blanket — it's time to get your science on!

16 Wikipedia Pages That Will Change The Way You See The Universe

Robot proteins, immortality, Martian rocks falling from the sky, catastrophic eruptions, and reverse evolution! What more could you ask for?

Watch 80 Years Of Women's Eyewear In 120 Seconds

See the past through one woman's eyes.

13 Things About Language That Will Leave You Speechless

Without language, we would ~literally~ be reinventing the wheel ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Ben Carson: Big Bang A Fairy Tale, Theory Of Evolution Encouraged By The Devil

"I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary, and it has become what is scientifically, politically correct."

7 Insanely Inventive Movies You Have To See To Believe

The just-wrapped Toronto International Film Festival is where many Oscar hopefuls launch campaigns. But it's also an excellent platform to discover movies that are wildly different from anything you might see in the multiplex.


How Evolved Are You?

Woah! They discovered a new hominid? Guess it's time to find out...

32 Movies We're Excited To See At This Year's Toronto Film Festival

Lots of biopics, lots of LGBT visibility, and double helpings of Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston — these and more are among the promising highlights of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, which starts Sept. 10.

Here's A Scientific Reason For Why Love Is So Damn Hard

According to famed anthropologist Helen Fisher.

A Brief History Of Alcohol As Explained By Cats

The exceptionally long history of how hoomans and booze came to know each other.

Voici comment notre espace de travail a changé en 35 ans

Une vidéo réalisée par le Harvard Innovation Lab montre comment la technologie a tout condensé dans les smartphones et les ordinateurs.

Study Finds Men Who Harass Women Online Are, Quite Literally, Losers

Female gamers are more likely to be abused online by male players with more deaths and fewer kills.

This Worm Looks Like A Penis

And it has teeth.

Everything We Think We Know About The Origin Of Life On Earth Could Be Wrong

We began in the deep sea, says Nick Lane – and it's probably the same on other planets.

13 Facts You Definitely Don't Know About Hiccups

What's your deal, hiccups? What is your deal?

Le maquillage des femmes a changé de manière spectaculaire à travers l'Histoire

Un groupe varié de femmes démontre à quel point les critères de beauté –et le maquillage– ont changé au fil du temps.

15 Things Neanderthals Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing

"We would never have sex with you. It's gross." DNA suggests you did.

Hummingbirds Are More Badass Than You Realize

But how did they get that way?

18 Science Facts You Believed In The 1990s That Are Now Totally Wrong

The 1990s had better music, but it was a more primitive time. Science is a constantly changing endeavor.

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