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Tom Hardy Proves His Body Was Molded By The Gods On The New Cover Of "Esquire"

Whoa. What we were talking about? I seem to have forgotten every word that has ever existed.

Esquire Initially Left VA Health Care Out Of Online Version Of Navy SEAL Story

Esquire came under criticism by military affairs paper Stars and Stripes for wrongly claiming the Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden was denied health care, a claim Esquire vigorously pushed back against. Esquire claims it mentions this in the story, but a cached version of the online article indicates otherwise.

Dear "Esquire," Female Contempt Does Not Define Men

An Esquire piece called "The Contempt Of Women" is the latest boys rule, girls drool attack on women. BuzzFeed Shift editors Amy Odell and Hillary Reinsberg discuss the piece over IM.

A Response To "Esquire"'s Resident Sex Expert

Chris Jones argues that women aren't as good in bed as they think they are. Let's take his advice to heart.

Jon Hamm Owns Four Eagles

According to "Esquire's" recent profile,"they sit on separate perches in his backyard. Four species of eagle: golden, tawny, Spanish Imperial, and short-toed snake." Your Move, Gosling.

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