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Norm Macdonald Says Eddie Murphy Wouldn't Play Bill Cosby On The "SNL" Anniversary Special

The Saturday Night Live alum, who co-wrote the "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketch, revealed on Twitter that Murphy did not want to the play the comedian, who has been faced with numerous sexual assault allegations in recent months. UPDATE: Bill Cosby thanks Eddie Murphy. "I applaud his actions."


These Portraits Of Celebrities As Army Generals Are Amazing

Artist Steve Payne has created a unique collection of digital paintings of male actors and singers for his "replaceface" collection.

Ricky Gervais Bashes Kim Kardashian, Eddie Murphy In Golden Globes Monologue

"So, where was I?" Ricky Gervais returned tonight as host of the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, one year after his harsh, celebrity-bashing remarks at the 2011 ceremony sparked a media firestorm. Here's video of Gervais' opening monologue tonight, which included jokes at the expense of Jodie Foster, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Eddie Murphy and more.


Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars: What Could Have Been

Sadly, no Klumps will be farting at the Oscars. Black Nerd Comedy imagines Eddie Murphy (and Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy) in the Academy Awards night that will never happen.

Brett Ratner Is Awesome

And as a result of being awesome, he's no longer producing the Oscars. Here's Brett Ratner, visionary director behind the wildly successful and totally living up to expectations Tower Heist, on his painstaking film-making process. To be fair, he's since apologized for this comment. But I don't really feel like being fair. This guy is the worst. At everything.

Eddie Murphy Is Indeed Hosting The Oscars

Recently confirmed by next year's Oscars producer, Brett Ratner, and Murphy himself. Can't be worse than Franco. Let's celebrate by looking at photos of a terrifying promotional stunt for "Meet Dave."

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