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East Village


#OccupyWallStreet Demonstrators To Protest In East Village

Demonstrators linked to #OccupyWallStreet are going to picnic in East Village, Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park at noon Saturday. The picnic in the park will be followed by a general assembly which, according to one activist, will include "food to share, drums, musical instruments, art supplies anything else you can think of to make this a fun and noisy but peaceful occupation." Some protesters have considered staying overnight.

New York Pub Crawlers Break Guinness World Record

The "Thirsty 13" hit 200 bars in 20 hours on Saturday -- with at least one member of the group drinking a half-pint of beer at each establishment. The previous record for Most Pubs Visited In 24 Hours By A Team (170) was set in Chicago last year.

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