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Drew Barrymore

19 Celebrities Who've Openly Shared Their Substance Abuse Recovery Stories

"Because the secret, the shameful secret, is the reason why it is such a pervasive illness in our industry — in every industry, in every socioeconomic stratum, in every country in the world. It is the secret shame that keeps people locked up in their disease." —Jamie Lee Curtis

Drew Barrymore Opened Up About Having A “Nervous Breakdown” And “Freaking Out” Over A Pregnancy Scare On The Set Of “Scream” When She Was 21 And Confiding In Courteney Cox

Drew got super real about the false alarm as she reunited with her former costars ahead of Scream’s relaunch, and it turns out that it isn’t just Ghostface that gave her the heebie jeebies on set.

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