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Doug Funnie


Live Action Doug Funnie Music Video

Singer Mike Falzone's video for his song "How To: Break Up In The City" brings our favorite kids from Bluffington to real life and into their twenties. The song's pretty catchy too.


Is Doug Funnie A Racist?

This is the question that political organization "Why The F*ck Does Doug Funnie Only Mack On White Chicks?" poses in their mission statement. As today is the twentieth anniversary of the seminal Nickelodeon series, and therefore a great deal of praise is being heaped on Mr. Funnie and company, we figured we'd let the other side speak.

Roger Klotz Cackles Supercut

Remember Doug? Captain Quail? Skeeter? One very astute Geekosystem editor recently re-watched all four seasons of Doug and put together this supercut of every instance of Roger Klotz's signature cackle. His laugh is going to be stuck in my head forever after watching this.

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