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We don't even deserve dogs.

Alex Naidus • 18 minutes ago

WARNING: Contains high-intensity athletic footage from Westminster.

"I genuinely owe her my life."

Meet King, the king of the Westminster Dog Show.

“We played crying baby videos from YouTube for our dog so he’d get used to the sound."

*steals your food off the table and then steals your job*


Woof, woof!

Pug ASMR. Puppy double chins. Flawless burrito-ing — this week had it all.


My dog is SUCH a Virgo.

Spoiler alert: They're all the cutest.

I've decided we need a golden retriever to guest star on CSI: Miami.

If your cat **doesn't** sleep on your face, do they even love you?


Tickst du mehr wie Trettmann, Bonez oder Capital Bra?

#4. It's really your dog's bed, and you're just allowed to sleep on it.

**heart explodes**

*inhales sharply* OOOOHH H*********CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you call your pet everything BUT their name, this is for you.


Might as well laugh, right?

These Chernobyl puppies have spent their lives in a region still grappling with the fallout of Europe’s worst-ever nuclear disaster. But they’re about to start new lives with families in the US and Canada.



Good dogs get 'em bad birds.

"My dad went from 'I don't want that dang cat' to carrying her to 'her room' for bed each night."

"I made a memory quilt for my dog who passed away. She was 17 when she died, so the quilt has 17 hearts representing each year of her life."

How could you even resist??


Woof woof it's dog time.

Dog Twitter is the best Twitter.

T E E F I E S .


What will you get?


Everybody could use a new furry friend!

*wipes tears* All of us, under our breath: "Oh h*ck..."

Talk about a ruff flight.

“I think anybody that goes looking online for a puppy, if you look at more than one or two places, you’re going to run across a fraud site. It’s that bad.”


So many good pups.

The patient, who was bitten by a puppy while on a yoga retreat in India, is only the 24th rabies-related death in the US in the past decade.

When my dog was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, I went into five-figure debt to pay for treatment. And I don’t regret it.

We do not deserve dogs.

Furry vibes only 2k19

Pls forgive me for being out of office last week and not posting!!! To compensate, here are TWO WEEKS WORTH OF DOGGOS!!!!!!!!!


Are... are they okay?


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Way to go, puppies!

From Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat to Queer Eye to To All the Boys I've Loved Before, there are plenty of viewing options to make you feel warm inside while the outside world is cold.



So you're a dog person, eh? Prove it.


Arf arf.


Woof, woof.

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