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25 Snuggled Doggos Who Are Sick And Tired Of The Winter

"I know it cold outside but I must continue to do the fetchimgs."

16 Cats And Dogs That May Seem Lazy, But Are Actually Geniuses

It ain't called a "cat nap" for nothing.


18 Wholesome Tweets That'll Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes

These tweets will make your heart explode!

19 Dads Who Didn't Want A Dog And Came Around Real Fast

A dog will change you for the better.

17 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "Oh Yes, Very Goob Indeed"

Stimkies, puppers, and doginis — OH MY!!!!!!!!!!

It's Been Another Wild Week On Tumblr, So Here Are The 18 Best Posts I Found

"My DNA test came back positive. I definitely have DNA."


People Are Sharing The "Least Flattering" Pics Of Their Pets And They're Adorably Heinous

Our scientific findings? Pets apparently do not have any "bad sides."

14 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Warm Your Heart And Clear Your Skin

So *THAT* is what "cupholders" are for!!!!!!!!

18 Photos That Prove Cats And Dogs Aren't The Pets, We Are

There's nothing deadlier than a sleeping pet.

10 Sweet Floofs Who Prove We Don't Deserve Pets

What did we do to deserve these angels??


This Fast-Food Quiz Will Determine What Dog Breed You Are

Believe in the power of the burger.


14 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make You Smile Stupidly Large

Congrats to all the barkalaureates!!!!!!!!!!!


This Quiz Will Reveal Which Dog Breed You Are

The perfect quiz for dog lovers!


31 Animal Tweets To Happily Scroll Through When You're Bored At Work

*pretends to compose work emails* *rewatches video of corgi riding a pony for the 10th time instead*


Are You More Of A Dog Or Cat Person?

We're asking the important questions.

You're Going To Crack A Smile At One Of These 31 Photos, I Promise You

It's important to remember there is good in the world.


109 Dog Tweets To Mindlessly Scroll Through While You're Bored At Work

*bookmarks for a day when I really need some doggage*

What's The Funniest Picture You've Ever Taken Of Your Pet?

You knew those pictures of your dog in PJs would come in handy one day...


23 Goodest Bois To Cheer You The Heck Up

A good boi isn't hard to find.

14 Influencer Underdogs You Should Follow Immediately

Your feed is about to get real furry.

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