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Doc Brown


Silent Era Back To The Future

Lovingly crafted by YouTuber techsavvyed on Adobe Premiere, as part of a project to start turning modern classics into silent-era films following the success of "The Artist." BTTF was a pretty fantastic choice.

Back To The Future's Doc Brown As Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt

Must buy immediately... This marries two of the greatest pieces of nerd culture ever.

The Secret History Of Marty McFly And Doc Brown

Whoa, this is heavy. "Back to the Future" co-creator Bob Gale tells Mental Floss the heretofore unspoken bond that unites the characters of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Get your mind out of the gutter. There's no slash fiction involved.


Great Comics That Never Happened

A wonderful series of "what if" funny book covers by Comics Alliance. There is no amount of money I wouldn't pay to see "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen America: 1988." Much more over at Comics Alliance.

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