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Disaster Girl


Disaster Girl 2.0: Someone Gave Her a Gun

Disaster Girl (or someone who look a lot like her is back) and this time she is armed and dangerous. Here's some images of what she's been up to. See more at Bite Daily or create your own with this PNG.

Old School Disaster Girl!

TurtleFeed found this rare photo of Disaster Girl's evil grandma presiding over the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. Look at her dashing white ribbon!

Disaster Girl Hits JPG Magazine

Disaster Girl has bitten the hand that feeds her, taking out the source of her original publication - JPG Magazine. :(

The 12 Most Viral Web Stories of 2008

Let the roundups begin! OK, fine, let the roundups continue - we've only got another day or so of this. Jonah has a retrospective over at Huffington Post of the most unstoppably viral web stories that we encountered in 2008.

Know Your Meme: Disaster Girl

Buzzfeed's very own replicating meme, Disaster Girl, is the subject of Rocketboom's newest episode of "Know Your Meme," in which the memologists investigate the origins of the devious child.

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