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"Being involved with others to try and achieve one goal, pretty much like how it was in the military."

"Having a disability is not tragic or shameful or problematic — it's a part of being human and something many of us do or will experience."

“Design for inclusivity. Design for minority. That is where brands need to go.”

"It’s frustrating and it’s embarrassing," Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, who travelled from Leeds to London, told BuzzFeed News.


For people with decreased mobility or gastrointestinal diseases, public bathrooms are often too poorly designed to be depended on.

"What you see on the outside is not what is necessarily going on on the inside."

Residents in homes for people with developmental disabilities are rarely taught how to report abuse, despite being at high risk of experiencing it.

All employees at the new location will be fluent in American Sign Language.

The Rock plays a security consultant who has a prosthetic leg.

"Deaf & HOH people should have the same experience as everyone else!"

"When I'm struggling and I feel their hand on my back."

Everything is not always on fire and terrible.

Exclusive: Disabled people are vulnerable to being deported to countries where they're persecuted without even realising they're eligible for sanctuary in Britain.

I had been trained to know what good looks are (Brahmin) and what good queerness is (English-speaking).

There is so much about mental illness that is not just unseen, but hopelessly misunderstood by the law, people, and Indian society.

I was diagnosed with a life-altering autoimmune disease at 18. Every single day has been a struggle since. But whenever Selena drops a catchy new single, looking like the million bucks that she does, I find hope.

"Every person has a different upbringing and different opportunities."

Adam Payne, 12, has profound physical and developmental disabilities and major work was needed on his social housing home if he was to continue living there. After nine years of fighting, and after having to be separated from his family, he will finally be given the money. This is the full story.

Shows like Speechless and Switched at Birth have helped shift portrayals of disabled characters who have historically been depicted as pity-evoking “Tiny Tims” and vengeful “Captain Ahabs.” But there's still room for improvement.

"This is part of a bigger story, a war against disabled people, and comments like this will keep appearing until the government starts treating us like human beings."

Disability exists, in large part, because so much of our world is inaccessible to people with slightly altered needs.

Awareness training for bus, train, and taxi drivers should be set out in law, the equalities committee said.

Rob Jaques, 37, who has Parkinson's, told BuzzFeed News he found being turned down for the government's controversial personal independence payment very stressful.

The girl's remains were found in a burn pit and a meat grinder was found on the property.

Kids who are taught with violence are more likely to become adults with mental issues and lower IQs.

Transport for All told BuzzFeed News they still hear many shocking cases of wheelchair users being denied access to buses every day.

"I want to marry her? Like right now."

“They are not just my carers. In some ways they are my friend, my mum, they are everything wrapped in one.”

One drunken decision and a year and a half of planning later, I set off with my friend Steph for the trip of a lifetime.

In the UK, it's against the law to discriminate against an employee because of a disability, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Adam Hills told BuzzFeed News. “I’m like a disabled Spider-Man; I was bitten by a radioactive prosthesis.”

A BuzzFeed News investigation also reveals that 96% of areas are failing to supply wheelchairs within the 18 weeks guaranteed by the NHS constitution.

"The government just moved the goalposts and didn’t bother to tell anybody."

Why should I want to like men? Why should I wish my brain worked like everyone else’s?

New research shows that half of all families using food banks have a disabled member.

"I cannot see with my eyes, but I have always wanted to play games, just like everybody else."

"I simply began to cry," Lucy Webster told BuzzFeed News. "No one should be made to feel that their body makes them unworthy of the treatment afforded to everyone else."

These days, I hardly ever think about my disability when it comes to dating. But it hasn't always been easy.

"I still can't forgive you for making me puke Panera mac and cheese."

"Heels or boots? Heels! I'm not walking in these bitches anyway."

In Sam Gold’s new production of The Glass Menagerie, newcomer Madison Ferris is playing Laura with strength and resilience, as well as a visible mobility disability.

After growing up with a disability, I thought being excluded from public restrooms was a relic of my past, not a part of my — and thousands of other trans people’s — futures.

Disabled people are being stranded, humiliated, and misinformed on British transport despite legislation promising to do the opposite, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

“People need to be more open-minded."

People living with mental health problems say proposed reforms to disability payments should not go ahead.

"Have you ever heard of a devotee?"

Have you been the victim of a hate crime? Have you seen others attacked for their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, trans status, disability, or sexual orientation? Tell us about it.

"I started it because I wanted to continue feeling good about myself," Keah Brown told BuzzFeed News.

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