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FedEx Hates Dinosaurs

First it was Activision and now FedEx are jumping on the bandwagon, guys, it's a great time to hate dinosaurs. I'm so proud.

Walking The Dinosaur Costume

Just in time for Halloween, check out this amazing dinosaur steed and explorer costume by Mod Mischief, complete with a steampunk Flux Capacitor. By amazing, I obviously mean awful. No candy from me. [via LikeCOOL]


More Hipster Dinosaurs

Created by Molly Lewis, the Hipster Dinosaurs were a huge success on the internet. Well, she’s created some new ones for your enjoyment. There’s even some non-hipster dinos as well. (via Bite Daily)

The Anatomy Of A Viral Post

With a big assist from our Viral Dashboard (you have one too! use it!), here's a case study of one of our most popular posts in the past month: Hipster Dinosaurs, by dino-hating BuzzFeeder IHateDinosaurs.


Renaissance Dinosaurs

The guys over at Worth1000 held a photoshop competition a while* back to insert dinosaurs into beloved classic works of art. Here are some of the best (and by best I mean worst 'cos, y'know, dinosaurs).


Gagasaurus Rex

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh decided that creating this monstrosity would be the most fitting way to welcome Lady Gaga to Pittsburgh. Stupid artists, get a real job.


The Dangers Of Owning A Dinosaur

Deviant art user *zoiks81 made this educational print about the dangers of having a pet dinosaur. They grow up big and hungry. From personal experience, I can tell you that this is pretty accurate. Take heed people.


[Update: It's Game Battle Day! Let's get this battle of games started!] I was going to wait for the Game Battle, but I was just too excited because this game is awesome. The aim, pretty much, is to hurl dinosaurs into space and watch them die. I'd challenge you to beat my high score, but I know none of you carry the same rage that I do about dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs For Sale

Have you always wanted to own your own dinosaur? Freak! Bonhams auction house in New York are selling a mammoth collection of dinosaur parts and artefacts from the Ice Age. Hit the link if you're a billionaire planning to launch your own dinosaur theme park on an isolated islan... wait, NOOOOOOOO!

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