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Dick Costolo

They've been banned since 2012, and it’s maybe kinda BuzzFeed’s fault.

Info BuzzFeed News. Cette décision a été prise en secret, selon nos informations.

For nearly its entire existence, Twitter has not just tolerated abuse and hate speech — it’s virtually been optimized to accommodate it. With public backlash at an all-time high and growth stagnating, what is the platform that declared itself “the free speech wing of the free speech party” to do? BuzzFeed News talks to the people who’ve been trying to figure this out for a decade.

The move was conducted in secret, according to well-placed sources.

Inside the San Francisco premiere party for the show's third season.

The new tool will give the company a way to show the best of Twitter to both logged-in and logged-out users on a variety of platforms. It will have instantly loading videos and rich images, and will occupy a front-and-center location in an upcoming version of the Twitter app.

Murky answers to straightforward questions.

Introducing the most significantly bearded CEO on the New York Stock Exchange.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has been tapped as interim CEO.

The social network continues to rapidly build up its advertising business, hitting $479 million in revenue in the last three months of 2014. But its problems lie in the product itself, with user numbers are flatlining.

The rumor mill that Dick Costolo's time is running out continues to churn.

The company said it was rolling out "offers" today for Twitter advertisers.

It looks like Twitter's finance chief Anthony Noto thought he was messaging another Twitter executive about buying a company. Anthony Weiner, a prominent victim of the DM Fail, was quick to step in and offer support.

Twitter employees may feel a bit perturbed that their well-liked leader was roughed up in a Wall Street Journal article. But regardless, Costolo and his team still need to figure out what Twitter really is.

The company said it had 284 million monthly active users, about in line with investor expectations. The company reported its third-quarter earnings on Monday.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said the company wanted to approach development from the perspective of "what's best for [the developers]." He made the comments on stage at Twitter's first developer conference in San Francisco.

A video emerged last night appearing to show photojournalist James Foley being beheaded by a member of ISIS.

Advertisers are going to get a chance to promote videos in their Tweets.

The company reported its second-quarter earnings today. The stock is soaring, up 20% in extended trading.

Here's what five goals in less than 30 minutes looks like.

The company said it was acquiring TapCommerce, in addition to rolling out its mobile app install ads product. Re/code reported the deal price to be $100 million.

While COO Ali Rowghani was liked by some of Twitter's staff, it seems he found himself in the company's long line of scapegoats.

It comes only a day after reports surfaced of tensions between Rowghani and Twitter's top management.

Shares of Twitter fell more than 10% Tuesday after Twitter's "lockup" expired. Many shareholders have said they don't intend to sell their shares.

The company added 14 million monthly active users in the first quarter this year, up 6% from the last quarter. Twitter reported its first-quarter earnings today.

The newly public company's leadership announced they will not sell their stock once they are eligible to do so for the first time next month.

Despite beating analysts revenue and earnings expectations in its first quarter as a public company, investors sent Twitter shares down sharply because of poor user growth. The company only added a disappointing 9 million new subscribers in the quarter.

The company reported better-than-expected results, financially. But it only added 9 million monthly active users since the last quarter.

The company has appointed Marjorie Scardino, the former CEO of Pearson, to its formerly all-male board of directors. Scardino has a strong media background, something Twitter was expected to look for in a board candidate.

News volume surrounding Twitter has fallen off a cliff since its IPO debut, marking another metric in which it pales in comparison to Facebook.

Twitter started trading Thursday at nearly double the price it set for its initial public offering. It ended its second day of trading down about 7%.

Jack Dorsey, Dick Costolo, Biz Stone, bored reporters, excited traders, a little girl dressed as a Twitter bird, and Patrick Stewart. And all before 10 a.m.

Twitter finally began trading today, and it's now worth about $25 billion before options and restricted stock units. So, what is that really worth?

After pricing its IPO at $26, Twitter ended its first trading day at $44.94, up 73%.

Twitter began trading at $45.10, well above its IPO price of $26. Already there was an enormous amount of demand for Twitter's shares.

Twitter priced its initial public offering at $26 based on strong demand for the stock, even as it increases its price ahead of the IPO. It begins trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker TWTR.

Shares of Twitter will begin trading Thursday. Here's a breakdown of how the road to its public market debut compares to Facebook's last year.

Twitter was already planning on filing at a discount, which is a common tactic to test the waters for demand for shares. The new range is between $23 and $25.

Twitter is hitting the road today to make the case for its stock to investors. Here are some of the most important details from the road show.

In a new filing, Twitter revealed that it's pricing its stock between $17 and $20, raising more than $1 billion.

In an updated S-1, Twitter disclosed the actual ownership of the company for its largest shareholders.

Twitter isn't for the general public — not yet at least. And it's becoming an increasing important issue as it heads towards its IPO.

The story of Twitter will be revealed in Nick Bilton's book, coming out later this year. But, what about the inevitable movie?

As Twitter heads for its public market debut, the company is facing criticism for not having any women on its board. Here are 12 female executives we think would make excellent directors.

Twitter's three highest paid executives all made at least $6 million in 2012, but none had a salary higher than $200,000.

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! Twitter's S-1 IPO filing has finally landed.

While we're waiting for Twitter's S-1 filing to hit, here's the consensus opinion of the service from Urban Dictionary. Disclaimer: some of them are from the earlier days of Twitter.

Twitter is expected to release its S-1 filing this week. Not all will be revealed, but there's a lot to dig through.

Charles River Ventures' stake looks like it's going to be worth more than $100 million. It's not $1 billion, but it's a huge payout for what they put in.

The social network, led by Chief Executive Dick Costolo, made official what technology and financial pundits have been speculating for well over a year: that it will go public. Papers were filed with the SEC and an offering is expected later this year or early in 2014.

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