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Paula Deen Discusses Her Diabetes Backlash

This morning on the "Today Show," the Queen of southern-fried cooking showed up to explain whether or not the huge backlash against her announcement that she has diabetes hurt her feelings and to show off one of her healthy(ish) recipes. Can you believe it's the one-year anniversary of Paula Deen Riding on Things already?


Paula Deen Confirms She Has Diabetes, Plus 25 Reasons Why We're Not Surprised

This morning, Paula Deen sat down with the "Today Show" to address the claim that she has diabetes. Deen says she was diagnosed over three years ago but waited until today to say anything because she "had to figure things out in my own head." "I've always encouraged moderation," she continued, and remains hopeful: "I'm here today to let the world know, it is not a death sentence."

Paula Deen Probably Has Diabetes

Today, The Daily reports on "Paula’s big fat secret:" She has diabetes. Not the most shocking news of the day, but most definitely worth noting.

Top 25 Reasons Paula Deen Has Diabetes

It was revealed recently, in the least shocking news of the year, that Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes. Here are but a few of her own recipes that might explain the delicious diagnosis. Diabetes is, of course, no laughing matter. But come on.

Corn-Syrup Consumption Chart

Illustrations from The New York Times that throw into nauseating relief the average amount of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup we ingest as Americans. I can imagine Snooki caramelizing herself every night in that hot tub.

Fat Guy Shirts

Fat Guy Shirts encourage big folks to applaud the threat of diabetes with funny tee-shirts.

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