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Deviant Art


Incredible Russian Fantasy Dolls

Deviantart user Santani handcrafts the most amazing creatures out of fabric fur and fimo clay.

A Heartbreaking Comic Strip For Gay Marriage

deviantART user PaMikoo created a beautiful and heartbreaking comic that lays out the gay marriage "argument" perfectly. In fact it's really hard to see how this is even still an argument.


Super Mario Super Shrooms

Deviant Art user MyBurningEyes made these Super Shrooms as an improvement on the regular Mario mushrooms. It is unclear what they are supposed to do when you eat them, but it's probably pretty awesome.


Realistic Video Game Characters

Jaime Margary (aka “Kalapusa” on DeviantArt) made these amazingly realistic sculptures of old-school video game hero “Pac Man” and Super Mario Baddie “Piranha Plant”. The detail in these are amazing - I can’t wait for him to make more. (via

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