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Death Penalty

An inmate put to death with the drugs in question would be at risk of “extraordinary physical pain,” the lawsuit says.

Using the pharmacy’s drugs would be an “unreasonable risk of a cruel execution,” his attorneys wrote to the governor.

Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy gave kids the wrong medicine. It forged documents. Its employees didn’t wash their hands adequately. So why did the state with the most executions hire it to make lethal injection drugs?

It has been widely suggested that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was aware of the killing — a claim the country’s public prosecutor denied.

Robert Bowers made his first appearance in court in a wheelchair.

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show the original sales pitch for the Tennessee machine in 1985. The chair has only been used once so far.

While the nation focuses on whether the Supreme Court will take a conservative turn following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, Breyer is maintaining his effort to scale back or end the death penalty.

Justices rejected a higher standard set by a court for inmates seeking funds to challenge their conviction and a lower standard sought by the government for convicting people of obstructing IRS investigations.

Four justices made clear their view that the death penalty — at least as it exists in Arizona — merits further review.

Addiction experts say that drug users and dealers wouldn’t be deterred by the threat of execution years away — and that similarly draconian policies haven’t worked in other parts of the world. Legal scholars say the Supreme Court probably wouldn’t go for it either.

The state has not carried out an execution since 2011 primarily due to the lack of lethal injection drugs.

The state of Missouri did everything it could to keep secret where it got the drugs it used to put 17 inmates to death. Now, BuzzFeed News has discovered the supplier is a pharmacy repeatedly found to engage in hazardous practices that could put patients — and convicts — at risk.

Figures provided exclusively to BuzzFeed News reveal that, despite Mohammed bin Salman’s attempt to present himself as a reformer, the country's approach to the death penalty has not changed.

Robert Pruett has maintained his innocence in the 1999 murder of Texas corrections officer Daniel Nagle.

It wasn't just about the provision protecting LGBT people from being killed via the death penalty. The US just really likes the death penalty.

Mark Asay died by lethal injection on Thursday for two 1987 murders in a racially charged case. Florida, which has not held an execution since 2015, used a drug which has not previously been used in executions.

Mark Christeson was executed Tuesday for killing a mother and her two children after the US Supreme Court denied a request to halt the execution.

For the first time, BuzzFeed News reports on the secret backstory to Texas’ two-year search for illegal, overseas execution drugs.

Attorneys for Terry Edwards, who is scheduled to be executed Thursday, say there is evidence he did not commit the killings he was convicted for.

Ricky Gray was executed Wednesday for murdering the Harvey family, including two young children, during a crime spree in Richmond.

Roof was convicted of 33 charges, including 9 murders and 12 hate crime violations, in connection with the June 17, 2015, shooting inside Charleston's Emanuel AME church.

Death row inmates spent years fighting over Missouri's use of compounded pentobarbital. A sealed court filing obtained by BuzzFeed News says they may have been fighting the wrong thing.

The state has agreed to stop using midazolam, a drug similar to valium that was linked to several botched executions in recent years. Without the drug, the state has few options on how to go forward with lethal injections.

The white supremacist who shot and killed nine people at Emanuel AME Church was convicted Thursday. The jury will now decide whether he should get the death penalty.

The Supreme Court declined to halt the execution of Ronald Smith Jr. for a 1994 murder. A jury had recommended life imprisonment, but a judge nonetheless sentenced Smith to death.

William Sallie's lawyers had appealed to the US Supreme Court to stop his execution over claims of jury bias during his trial.

Steven Spears refused to challenge his death sentence since being convicted for the 2001 murder of Sherri Holland.

Trump could have a serious impact on the death penalty if he wanted to. Here's how.

Duane Buck was sentenced to death after his own expert said he was more dangerous because he was black. The justices agreed it was "indefensible" — but debated the larger effects of the case on Wednesday.

Barney Ronald Fuller Jr. was executed Wednesday, possibly breaking the longest gap between executions in Texas since 2008.

Lawyers for the accused Charleston shooter responded to the prosecutors motion to limit his use of a "mercy" defense at trial.

The state has carried out one death sentence in 2016. It is one of only five states to have carried out any executions this year.

Attorneys for the accused Charleston church shooter argue that forcing potential jurors to say they would impose the death penalty violates their religious freedoms.

While death penalty states make the case that secrecy laws are needed to protect execution drug suppliers from possible violence, a review of the available information shows evidence for that argument is lacking.

After a string of execution mistakes and resignations, the state is replacing the personnel key to carrying out the death penalty in Oklahoma. But state officials say they view execution experience as "immaterial" in the hiring.

John Conner was scheduled to die Thursday evening for killing his friend. After some delay in last-minute appeals, the execution was completed a little past midnight.

It's been nearly a year since the federal government seized thousands of vials of lethal injection drugs on their way to death penalty states. The states want their drugs, and neither side is showing signs of backing down.

The state supreme court ruled against death row inmates, finding the state had no obligation to publicly disclose the drug supplier, and upheld the state's execution protocol.

The court will not allow the accused Charleston shooter to have his case heard by a judge instead of a jury.

A judge set the accused Charleston church shooter's federal trial for November.

The father of one of Michael Madison's victims took a leaping lunge at the serial killer during his sentencing.

The grand jury said extreme secrecy employed by state employees “contributed greatly” to execution mistakes. But the problems highlighted in Oklahoma have been raised in many states with the death penalty.

A grand jury began investigating Oklahoma's death penalty methods after multiple botched execution attempts. The jury issued a lengthy critical report, but no one will be indicted for the mistakes.

Several years ago, the state agreed to disclose where it gets its execution drugs. Then the legislature changed the law, making that information confidential.

Arizona had tried to speed up a legal challenge to its execution methods before its drugs expire at the end of the month. But a federal judge said some of the death row inmates' concerns are valid.

Vernon Madison was scheduled to be put to death Thursday, but a federal appeals court put the execution on hold due to concerns that he is not competent to be executed. The Supreme Court, on a 4-4 vote, later denied Alabama's request to lift the stay of execution.

Earl Forrest, who killed three people including a sheriff's deputy, had asked the Supreme Court to stop his execution on the grounds that the death penalty is unconstitutional.

Daniel Anthony Lucas and an accomplice killed two children and their father as part of a burglary in 1998. The accomplice was executed in 2010.

The Foreign Office funds human rights projects around the world, but documents seen by BuzzFeed News suggest the Conservatives are less keen to pay for campaigns against capital punishment in countries such as China.

A small compounding pharmacy in Oklahoma sold execution drugs for at least three Missouri executions. When investigators later inspected the pharmacy, they found “significant” problems, and it later defaulted on its bank loans.

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