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Death Penalty

Missouri Execution Drug Purchases Revealed

Death row inmates spent years fighting over Missouri's use of compounded pentobarbital. A sealed court filing obtained by BuzzFeed News says they may have been fighting the wrong thing.

Missouri Executes Man For 2002 Triple Murder

Earl Forrest, who killed three people including a sheriff's deputy, had asked the Supreme Court to stop his execution on the grounds that the death penalty is unconstitutional.

Texas Executes Man Who Killed Code Enforcement Officer

Adam Ward was put to death by lethal injection Tuesday for a 2005 murder. His lawyers had said he should be deemed constitutionally ineligible for the death penalty because of severe mental illness.

Arizona To Death Row Inmates: You Don't Have A Right To Go Viral

Arizona inmates are asking that the state not use a paralytic in their executions so witnesses can see the pain they may feel. The state says they are trying to create a "spectacle" and have no First Amendment right to "go viral."

Georgia Executes Its Oldest Death Row Inmate

Brandon Astor Jones spent nearly 37 years on death row for murdering a convenience store manager during an armed robbery. Jones was executed early Wednesday morning.

Texas Executes Man For 2001 Murder

Lawyers for Richard Masterson, convicted of strangling a man to death, said he is innocent and that the victim died of a heart attack.

Texas Executes Man Convicted Of Murdering Three Children

Raphael Holiday was executed Wednesday for burning three children to death in 2000. Although the U.S. Supreme Court declined to stop his execution, a local judge withdrew the execution date. [Update: The appeals court, however, tossed out the local judge's order.]

Nebraska Paid Outside Lawyer To Register Overseas Execution Drug Supplier With FDA

Nebraska has hired Ben England, who also has been hired by other states, to help it import drugs for use in executions. In documents confirming his work for Nebraska, England also is listed as the U.S. agent for the drug salesman in India who has been the subject of ongoing BuzzFeed News reporting.

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