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The Government Can Now Secretly Spy On Protesters

The Drug Enforcement Administration got permission to conduct “covert surveillance” on protesters, BuzzFeed News reports. Plus, Matt Ortile joins us to talk about his new book, The Groom Will Keep His Name: And Other Vows I've Made About Race, Resistance, and Romance.

The “Right Way” To Protest Is A Myth

The police were even more aggro than normal last night, and Trump tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op. And BuzzFeed News culture writer Scaachi Koul talks to us about why protests making certain people feel uncomfortable is actually a good thing.

America Is On Fire And Trump Wants More Gas

The president told governors to be even tougher on protestors after a weekend of police clashing with demonstrators. Plus we speak to BuzzFeed News’ Addy Baird and Adolfo Flores, who have been reporting on the protests.

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