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Actually, Louis C.K. Didn't Defend Daniel Tosh's Rape Joke After All

You know that tweet that we all thought Louie sent Tosh in support of the backlash he was receiving about his rape jokes? He was actually in Vermont on vacation at the time and had no idea what was going down. So he went on The Daily Show last night to clarify.

Tosh's New Show Features Bear Rape

Controversy around Daniel Tosh's recent rape jokes had some wondering if his new animated show Brickleberry would include any. Answer: yes, but they're not about humans.


33 Insane Portraits Of President Obama By Dan Lacey

You may know him best as "The Painter Of Pancakes," but Dan Lacey could just as easily be known as "The Painter Of Barack Obama Frequently Nude And Riding A Unicorn." My favorite is the one with Ben Bernanke spooning Obama.

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