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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Into Cycling, According To An Olympic Athlete

Macmillan Cycletta ambassador and Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton tells BuzzFeed how to fall in love with cycling, from conquering hills to ignoring those pesky men in Lycra.

How Cambridge Welcomed The Tour De France Vs. How Yorkshire Welcomed The Tour De France

The Tour kicked off in Yorkshire on Saturday, and continues from Cambridge to London on Monday. The people of Yorkshire embraced the event just a touch more enthusiastically.

14 Things That Will Happen In Your First SoulCycle Class

Never been to a SoulCycle class? Your fave celebs have, and here's what you should expect from the intense, and intensely fun, workout.

This Cunning Invention Might Make Cycling A Lot Safer

The Blaze Lazerlight projects the image of a bike 5-6 metres onto the road ahead.

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