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Democrats Already Have A Big 2020 Hacking Problem

The Democratic National Committee, worried about appearing partial to a specific candidate, has not spoken directly with 2020 campaigns about cybersecurity.

We Should Be Able To Vote Online

We can do better than endless lines, low turnout, and outdated tech. And the fear of hackers shouldn't stop us.

The DNC Begins Cybersecurity Effort To Try To Make Sure 2016 Doesn’t Happen Again

Phishing drills, top Silicon Valley hires, constant cybersecurity education, emails in the cloud, Tom Perez on Signal, and end-to-end encryption apps like Wickr, which the rest of the Democratic party committees have already adopted. The DNC’s new CTO, now concluding an internal security review, wants a “culture change inside the building.”

Russian Visa Center In US Target Of Apparent Hack

The hacker allegedly behind the breach, who may have swept up the personal information of thousands of Americans who have applied for Russian visas, claims he will not publicly disclose the information.

Meet Fancy Bear, The Russian Group Hacking The US Election

For the first time in history, Washington has accused a foreign government of trying to interfere with the US election. Sheera Frenkel investigates the Russian hacking group at the forefront of that claim — and finds they’ve been practicing for this moment for a long time.

This Is How ISIS Uses The Internet

They talk on Telegram and send viruses to their enemies. BuzzFeed News’ Sheera Frenkel looks at how ISIS members and sympathizers around the world use the internet to grow their global network.

Tech Giants Urge Obama To Block Smartphone Surveillance

A letter signed by Google, Apple, Facebook, and others asks President Barack Obama to reject legislative proposals that would grant law enforcement agencies "backdoor access" to encrypted personal information.

Obama Backs Two Major Cybersecurity Bills

The White House throws its support behind legislation that would increase sharing of cyberthreat information between the private sector and government. Both bills are expected to pass this week.

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