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Cute Puppies


Nick From "The Bachelor" Answers Fan Questions (With Puppies!)

“Were my V’s that deep on The Bachelor?"


21 Puppies So Cute You Will Literally Gasp And Then Probably Cry

It's okay to get emotional because of puppies.


Pick A Kitten, Get A Puppy!

This is the cutest win-win.

28 Adorably Awkward Puppies

Only thing better than a puppy is an awkward puppy.


Which Puppy Knows All Your Secrets?

They're cute, they're fluffy, and they (might) have all the hot goss.

17 Puppy Bellies That Will Make That Smile Go Half A Mile

#PuppyBelly is the hashtag everyone still needs in their life today, and at all times.


The 21 Most Adorable Puppies Of 2015


Six Puppies Were Rescued From Being Buried Alive And They Will Melt Your Heart

They were saved from their fate by students on the Chinese university campus where they lived.

People With A Fear Of Dogs Meet Pit Bull Puppies

"I think that they're just like people... they're just a bit misunderstood."

17 Dogs Who Demand A Cuddle


27 Dog Costumes To Inspire Your Pets For Halloween

Need some inspiration for Halloween this year? Check out these spooky pooches.

Struggles Of A Dogless Dog Lover

I'd be happy if I had a dog...


23 Speckly Puppies Who Will Add Sunshine To Your Life

Puppies and spots: the actual ingredients for happiness.

13 Dogs Who Couldn't Be Cuter In Glasses

These dogs are sporting spectacles in all the right ways!

The Newest Update To The Cute Or Not App Is More Adorable Than Ever

Expect more fur, more awws, and definitely more cutes.

21 Puppies Who Will Get You Through Today

Your keys to a great time.

24 Adorable Puppies Getting Their First Bath

Prepare to fall on the floor from cuteness.

19 Puppies Who Already Found Their Christmas Presents

Santa came early for these sneaky pups.

The 21 Most Adorable Puppies Of 2014

To squee or not to squee? OK, go ahead and SQUEE.

21 Puppies Who Had The Absolute Best Year Ever

2014 was a great one for these pups!

18 Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Life on the job can be exhausting.

66 Of This Year's Most Adorable Dog Costumes

The costumes at this years Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade are so good they're (almost) scary.


This Little Bulldog Puppy Trying To Howl Will Melt Your Cold Heart

This is the cutest. There has never been anything cuter.

16 Ways To Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Sometimes, we need to take life tips from our dogs.

You Should Be Following These Adorable Puppies On Instagram

PSA: This will, in fact, make your day much better.

Puppies Vs. Babies : The Ultimate Showdown

Who's funnier? The age-old debate answered by America's Funniest Videos.

The Expectation Versus Reality Of Getting A Dog

Surprise: they're an even better addition to your life than you ever imagined.

17 Dogs Who Shockingly Lost Their Puppy Bowl Bets

These guys just weren't cut out for betting.

15 U.S. Olympians Posing With A Siberian Husky Puppy Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

With the Sochi Winter Olympics less than a month away, get to know some members of Team USA in the most adorable way possible.

Meet The Painfully Cute Police Pups Who Are Coming To Arrest You

A life of crime has never seemed so appealing.

Farmyard Puppy Can't Stop Puppying

Move over Dora, there's a new explorer in town: Winkles the Shar Pei mix!


Puppy Determined To Get On Treadmill

Bandit surely wants to show that he can hang with the big dogs even during workout.

Chow Chow Puppy Falls Asleep

Watch this adorable puppy try and fight off the temptation of sleep. Now if only we can get a video with two puppies falling asleep.

Corgi Puppy Faces Insurmountable Odds

And overcomes them. Break out the tissues, guys.

Lab Puppy Vs. Doorstop

Things you should know about this puppy: his name is Tugger, and he's freakin' precious.


Delightfully Grumpy Bulldog Puppy

Pretty sure Bentley needs a nap.

The Struggles Of The Small & Fluffy

This pomeranian is seriously struggling to get over a step. Kinda makes you wonder what's on the other side...

Puppy Vs. Air Conditioner

During this summer heat wave I do that same thing, puppy!

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