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'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' Returns

Keith Olbermann returned from televisual exile with the debut of his new show on Current TV. It's pretty much exactly the same as his defunct MSNBC show, but with an extra dollop of Michael Moore. Here's the intro, his mini-Special Comment and Worst Persons.

Hot Cougar Action At The Cougar Convention [NSFW]

Since we apparently can't get enough cougar action, Current TV's Ben Hoffman hit the convention to chat up the ladies and (sadly) even more entertaining: the "cougar hunters."

Vh1: Never Change

Post reality-TV-star-turned-murderer, Vh1's trying to clean up its act and change its format to include "classier" television. Think that's ridiculous? You're not alone. Current TV's Ben Hoffman begs Vh1 to never change.

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