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New Indiegogo Campaign Crowdfunds "Anti-Rape Wear"

A campaign launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo in mid-October promises to create clothing that acts as a deterrent to sexual assault. "Confidence and protection that can be worn."

Aha Moments = Twitter + Wikipedia

The folks over at BetterExplained have created what they feel is a better way to share your insights. The goal of Aha Moments is to make a Twitter/Wikipedia mashup of quick thoughts that assist in understanding an idea. Why don't you help by sharing your own Aha Moment? (Via)

The 10 Best States To Be A Drug Dealer

According to the new crowd-sourcing site Price Of Weed, which obviously could be statistically imperfect. Whatever, drug dealers in the Bible Belt have it made. (Rankings based on price per high-quality ounce.)

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