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Crazy Rich Asians

The 23 Most Rewatchable Rom-Coms Of All Time

"Thirty, flirty, and thriving!"

17 Rom-Coms That Absolutely Nailed Their Final Scenes

"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."


Gemma Chan Explained Why She Liked A Salty Tweet About "Crazy Rich Asians" Costar Constance Wu

Chan said the like was a mistake. "Anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint."

Constance Wu Admitted She Was Upset At Having To Return To "Fresh Off The Boat"

"My words and ill-timing were insensitive to those who are struggling, especially insensitive considering the fact that I used to be in that struggle too," Wu said Saturday.


18 Of The Most WTF Moments From Rom-Coms

These scenes are the total opposite of feel-good...

Here's Everything Coming To HBO This April

GoT, Mean Girls, and more!

Gemma Chan Responds To "Mary Queen Of Scots" Backlash About Playing A White Historical Figure

"If John Wayne can play Genghis Khan, I can play Bess of Hardwick."

With “Captain Marvel,” Gemma Chan Is Demolishing Hollywood’s Aversion To Color-Blind Casting

“That’s why representation is so important, to challenge your own ideas about what you think you can do,” Chan told BuzzFeed News.

The Reason "Crazy Rich Asians" Star Constance Wu Wore Yellow To The Oscars Almost Made Me Cry

"My whole life I've had a complicated relationship with the color yellow."


Lana Condor And Others Want #AsianAugust Momentum To Carry Through 2019

“I really do hope and fight for the fact that we keep this change going, or this shift happening, rather than just have it be an #AsianAugust that happened back in 2018,” Manny Jacinto told BuzzFeed News.

The Biggest Surprises From This Year's Oscar Nominations

No Best Director nomination for A Star Is Born's Bradley Cooper? Boo! Acting nominations for Roma's Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira? Yay!

Michelle Yeoh Opened Up About “Crazy Rich Asians” And THAT Incredible Emerald Ring

"We talk about diversity, we talk about being represented, but we cannot be just a token of representation," Yeoh said during an interview on Profile.

Michelle Yeoh Wore That "Crazy Rich Asians" Ring At The Golden Globes Because She Owns It IRL

The much-talked-about ring also has an interesting backstory as to how it ended up in the film.

Movies’ Biggest Winners And Losers In 2018

Superheroes and musicals smashed, while Han Solo and J.K. Rowling crashed.

Book-To-Screen Adaptations We Loved In 2018

From Crazy Rich Asians to A Wrinkle in Time, these were the notable adaptations of the year.

"Crazy Rich Asians" Star Ken Jeong Revealed He Begged To Be In The Film

In an interview on Profile, Jeong also opened up about his time on the sets of The Hangover and Community.


Everyone Has A 2018 Movie Guy Who's Their Soulmate — Here's Yours

"You gonna break my heart, Covey?" —Peter Kavinsky

31 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures From The Biggest Movies Of 2018

So much love on the set of To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

25 Movie Details From 2018 That'll Make You Say, "How Did I Not Notice That?!"

Did you catch the Captain Marvel appearance in Avengers: Infinity War?


You May Love Rom-Coms, But Do You Know How Critics Scored Them?

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!" —Peter Kavinsky, To All the Boys

33 Movies You Will Be Talking About This Awards Season

Astronauts! Superheroes! Viola Davis kicking ass!


Crazy Rich People Are All Over Our Screens

We seem to be inundated with TV and movies about the wealthy, from Succession to Crazy Rich Asians, even while affluence feels less chic than ever.

Chrissy Teigen's Reaction To "Crazy Rich Asians" Will Honestly Make You Cry

"You never know how much you miss being represented on screen until you actually see what it’s like to be represented..."


"Crazy Rich Asians" Writer Kevin Kwan Is Wanted For Allegedly Dodging National Service In Singapore

Singapore's Ministry of Defence said the author could face a prison sentence of up to three years.

This Woman Shared An Emotional Personal Story Of Reconnecting With Her Identity Inspired By "Crazy Rich Asians"

"You don't have the vocabulary to describe why it's hurtful. But now, you hate your distinctly Asian face. You don't want to be Chinese anymore."


"Crazy Rich Asians" Topped The Box Office On Opening Weekend And Earned Over $25 Million

The first major studio release with an all-Asian cast in 25 years made an estimated $34 million domestically in its first five days in theaters.

26 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "Crazy Rich Asians" That'll Make You Want To Rewatch It

Henry Golding's honeymoon got cut short when he had to fly out for a screen test with Constance Wu.

23 "Crazy Rich Asians" Tweets And Tumblr Posts That Are A Real Mood

"I was sexually attracted to the entire film, 15/10." Warning: contains spoilers.

“Crazy Rich Asians” Doesn't Care About Your Impossible Expectations

Crazy Rich Asians and To All the Boys I've Loved Before may be making history, but all they really want is to entertain. Isn't there something historic in that, too?


The Cast Of "Crazy Rich Asains" Took Our "Which 'Crazy Rich Asians' Character Are You?" Quiz And Now You Can Too

Take our quiz along with Henry Golding, Constance Wu, and the rest of the cast!

20 "Crazy Rich Asians" Reactions That Will Make You Hit That Retweet Button

Hubba, hubba — representation is sexy! Also, lots of tears.

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