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Crazy Japanese Trends


The Japanese soda features a marble contraption instead of a bottle cap, making it a feat to open.

Geisha Guys

CNN writes about the Geisha Guys of Japan, debonair lads who can be hired for an evening of sparkling conversation.

The Moffle

A Japanese mochi rice cake in a waffle iron becomes something new: A moffle.

3-D Table Menu

A Japanese company has created a table with a built in 3-D LCD screen menu.

The Boyfriend Pillow

A giant body pillow with a foam arm that simulates cuddling.

Rice Babies

Japanese parents send out personalized bags of rice to celebrate the birth of a child.

Gyaru Girls

Japanese girls in black face.

Mobile Phone Novels

In Japan, best-sellers are being composed on cell phones.

Eyelash Perms

Japanese eyelash perms last 3-5 weeks and will save you that 3 minutes of eyelash curling every morning.

Skin Whitening

Skin lightening is all the rage in Asian countries, especially Japan and India.

Cucumber Pepsi

The latest limited edition soda flavor in Japan: Ice Cucumber Pepsi (thanks for the tip, Matt!)

Eyelash Wigs

Over-sized eyelash extensions are getting big in Japan.

Japanese Beer For Kids

Foamy, sparkling brews for children.

Reversible Destiny Condominiums

Crazy condominium architecture for the elderly prevents them from becoming senile. (Only in Japan, of course.)


Vinegar bars and cafes are the new Japanese craze.

Japanese Nerds

Anime and manga obsessed geeks are turning virtual reality into real reality.

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