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Cory Booker

Cory Booker Is Trying To Keep Up With The News

This is one of the most bizarre weeks in US history. A day in the life of the senator who’s running for reelection, preparing for Supreme Court hearings, cohabiting for the first time in his life, and self-quarantining through it.

Why Isn't Cory Booker's Campaign Taking Off?

Booker is waging the civil rights movement's last battle — to unite a racially divided country on the verge of disaster — against Donald Trump. Will enough people listen to make him the nominee?

Cory Booker Wants To Make Gun Owners Get Licenses

The proposal is part of a far-reaching new gun control plan, which Booker said he would begin implementing on his first day as president if he wins in 2020.

Real Black Activists Worry Fake Ones Will Drown Them Out On Twitter

“We don’t have bots, we have real black people,” one activist said. “The danger of these accusations is that Facebook and YouTube latches on to this and tries to undermine our ability to have a black political dialogue."

Cory Booker Is Running For President

“Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose," the senator said in an announcement that he would join the 2020 primary race. "Together, America, we will rise."

Cory Booker Wants The Social Justice Mantle On Marijuana

"I hear all these people want to talk about legalizing marijuana," Booker said in a speech centered around marijuana Friday. "Well, marijuana has been legal for the people of privilege in this country for a long time."

Many Democrats Are Now Donating Harvey Weinstein's Campaign Contributions To Charity

Weinstein — who was fired from The Weinstein Company on Sunday in the wake of multiple sexual harassment allegations — has been a prolific donor to Democratic candidates and causes. As many Democratic U.S. senators and two governors said they'd give contributions from Weinstein to charity, the Democratic National Committee said they would redirect $30,000 in his most recent donations to other political groups.

Cory Booker Gets Vetted, By Himself

A Senate campaign in 2013 left the Newark media darling badly burned when stories he'd been telling for years suddenly came under question. Three years later, Cory Booker operates with a new set of rules.

Hedge Fund Donors Win Big In The Midterms

Hedge fund titans spent a lot of money—millions of dollars in some cases—on candidates and measures in the 2014 midterm elections. Here's a look at the bets that panned out.

One Week In, Cory Booker Hasn't Figured Out How To Save Washington Yet

America's most famous mayor used to talk about how he might one day "hack the Senate." But after his first week on Capitol Hill, Booker is getting his footing, staying close to New Jersey, and steering clear of his one-time best ally — the media.

Chris Christie Drops Appeal Of New Jersey Marriage Equality Ruling

The Republican governor gives up the fight to appeal marriage equality less than 12 hours after same-sex couples wed for the first time in the state. The decision left "no ambiguity about the unanimous court's view," Christie's office says.

Cory Booker Weds Same-Sex Couples In Newark, Shuts Down Heckler

Before leaving for Washington, the senator-elect presides over some of the first same-sex marriages in the Garden State. "While you all have fallen in love, the state of New Jersey has risen to love," Booker says.

Cory Booker's Coming Culture Shock In Congress

The Newark mayor is about to go from hands-on executive to lowest-ranking member of the country's slowest moving deliberative body. "He will have an awe-struck moment of frustration at some point."

Cory Booker Wins U.S. Senate Election

The Newark mayor beats Republican Tea Party candidate Steve Lonegan in the off-year special Senate race. Booker won't arrive in Washington until the state has officially certified the election results.

Sarah Palin Makes The Tea Party Case For Steve Lonegan

In the final days of the New Jersey special election, Lonegan zeroes in on the base at the New Egypt Speedway. "Just know that the eyes of America are on you right now," says Palin.

Steve Lonegan Seeks Momentum As Cory Booker Goes Negative

The Republican Senate candidate touts an internal poll his campaign leaked to the press and eyes the government shutdown as a rallying point. Booker turns his attention Tuesday to the one-time longshot.

Cory Booker Shows 15 Years Of Tax Returns

Federal income tax returns show the senate candidate made fewer charitable contributions than previously suggested. Booker will also step down from the board of Waywire, his digital media company.

Cory Booker Walks Back Opposition To Military Intervention In Syria

After making an impassioned case earlier this week against another war, the senate candidate defers to Obama's judgement. "I expect that the president will clearly delineate what the strategic objectives are," says Booker.

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