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Which Would You Choose: Eating Delicious Food, Or Petting Really Cute Puppies?

You can either eat the food or pet the puppy; you can't have both.


This Quiz Is All Corgis And Is Here To Make You Smile

If you don't love corgis, don't even bother with this quiz.


15 Cute As Heck Corgi Mixes That Will Make You Squeal With Delight

Mixing a Corgi with any breed makes them 100x cuter, I promise!

This Corgi Supported His Human Through A Home Birth And I'm Sobbing

Everyone should have a Corgi as their doula.



These Cuddling Corgi Puppies Are The Cutest

I need 1,000 sleepy corgis immediately, please.

This Is Panda The Corgi, And OMG She Is Such A Good Girl

On a scale of 1 - 10, how likely am I to get arrested for stealing this dog?


21 Corgi Posts That You Should Send To Your Best Friend Immediately

"A corgi leading a conga line of pugs on an adventure."

25 Gifts That Say "I Love You" For People Who Aren't Romantic

Things that'll show you care, so you don't have to.

28 Weird As Hell Gifts You Can Only Give Your BFF

The holidays are about to get weird.

Here Are 50 Corgi Booties From Instagram That Will Give You Life

Corgi booties, momos, or loaves. Whatever you call their floofy bottoms, here are 50 of them to get you through your day!


Can You Match The Dog End To The Dog Beginning?

We'll show you how the dog starts, and you tell us how it ends.


Your Backpack's Life

What's your favorite bag?


Pick A Corgi And Get An Oddly Specific Compliment

If you're having a ruff day, these corgis are here for you.

California's First Dog, Sutter, Returns To Work After Cancer Diagnosis

Sutter Brown the corgi is still recuperating after emergency surgery discovered cancerous growths, only some of which were able to be removed.


23 Beweise, dass flauschige Corgis ein Geschenk des Hundehimmels sind

Flauschige Corgis sind die besseren Corgis.

Just A Bunch Of Dachshund Mixes That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Wiener dogs make everything a little more adorable.

Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

This week: crystalized tea, solar-powered mason jars, and a microwavable journal.

21 Pictures That Prove Corgi Butts Are The Best Thing In The World

Or maybe they're pictures of loaves of bread? There's no way of knowing, really.

Do Yourself A Favor And Follow This Corgi Butt Instagram

Warning: Get ready for some sexy booty.


17 Puppy Bellies That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

#PuppyBelly is the hashtag everyone needs in their life today.

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