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A Photographer Accused Taylor Swift Of "Double Standards"

Freelance photographer Jason Sheldon has accused the singer of double standards for allegedly insisting that photojournalists covering her live shows sign over the ownership of images to her company.

5 Hit Songwriters Talk "Blurred Lines," Creativity And Copyright

In the wake of the $7.3 million "Blurred Lines" verdict, songwriters for Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, and more talk candidly with BuzzFeed News about the trouble with copyright law and the inevitability of influence.

What Does Pinterest Look Like Without Copyrighted Content?

Pinterest has a copyright problem, and it's trying to solve it. Good luck: Pinterest without copyrighted content is pretty bleak.

Territorial Rights And The Internet

Paul Mutant's painting is intended to be commentary on the incoherent absurdity of territorial rights enforcement in the age of the Internet. (Via)

The Stolen Scream

Noam Galai’s photography was stolen and duplicated hundreds of times for years without his knowledge.

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