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Contemporary Art


The Incredible Obama Action Figure

Contemporary pop-culture artist Ron English released his newest work: The Incredible Obama. Obama was once a reserved and mild-tempered President until he was accidentally exposed to a gamma bomb. Obviously this is the work of terrorists.

Contemporary Surrealist Portraits

Born and raised in New York, Lori Earley is a contemporary surrealist figurative artist. Her passion for expressing mood and emotion on canvas and paper along with her mastery of technique in oil and graphite is remarkable. (via)

Junk Turned Into Art

French artist Bernard Pratz uses everyday junk to re-create famous paintings and portraits. Visit his website or click here to see more.

Kissing Mask

Artist Didier Faustino created this mask to work as "training wheels" for those who may need some help makin' out. Two people must wear it simultaneously in order for it to work, and four distinct curves on its sides ensure it stays in place, while a hole in the middle allows participants' lips to meet. ... Awkward.

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