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"Not even one mention of Mitron. Feeling cheated with one billion others."

Une excellente idée, vous en conviendrez.

Ça sert à rien, mais je le veux quand même.

Jack Dorsey puts Dick Costolo–era project on back burner as Twitter refocuses on core product.

The company says it's "experiencing operational challenges" but its site should return "shortly."

Un toiletteur qui s'appelle Audrey Toutou. AUDREY. TOUTOU.

Goodbye Safe Harbor, hello Privacy Shield.

It began at 3:00 a.m...

After the European Court of Justice invalidated an EU–U.S. data agreement, American tech companies now face increased scrutiny.

Influential Indigenous business leaders have met in Sydney.

Looks like there's hope for the world yet.

A test with the potential to transform online commerce.

The company said it was rolling out "offers" today for Twitter advertisers.

Move will allow users to make purchases from tweets within a couple of clicks.

The company is adding the option to buy products from within Twitter.

The company set a price range for its initial public offering in a regulatory filing today.

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario spoke with BuzzFeed about why she left private equity, how business can do well by doing good, and the future of consumption.

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